Testimonials 2

June 2013

“My experience at Age Less Centre was wonderful. I had my eyebrows (permanent makeup) done, and am VERY pleased with the outcome. No more having to draw them on every morning, like I had been doing for the last 30-plus years. My husband is so happy to not have to wait for me for so long. I wish I had done it years ago! My therapist made me feel very comfortable and like I was the most important person to her at the time. I have already recommended age less to a few people.” Carol S. Hunt

April 2013

"I am delighted with my new permanent eye brows which were expertly applied by a very delightful therapist. At the same time I had a number of skin growths removed at a very reasonable price. Thank you very much". Mary E. Vincent

March 2013

"Over the past couple of months, Age-Less has helped me realize that I am so much more than an invisible middle-aged woman.

With a discrete, accessible location, plenty of parking and a private reception, I knew instantly I had found the right place.

The spa decor and atmosphere put me at ease instantly. With tensions gone, and my therapists constant reassurance and encouragement, I knew my well-being was as important as my looks. The more I could relax and co-operate during the procedures, the more quickly and efficiently she could work her "Magic". I've enjoyed the Age Less experience so much, at times I've had to hold back giggles.

If you're concerned about discomfort, stop worrying now. With astonishing anaesthetics before and during your procedures, you'll feel very little. Having one's eyebrows plucked is worse than having the hair-stroke pigment applied. I found the sensations exhilarating rather than uncomfortable, with only an occasional pinch.

The first item on my wish list was permanent upper-lid liner. Unfortunately, my upper lids were too droopy for this procedure. Instead, we started with brows and lower liners. To prepare my upper lids for liner, she suggested a series of non-surgical face lifts. I'm so glad she did! In only a few relaxing sessions I watched the decades drop off my face, and 4 weeks later was ready for upper-lid liner. It is wonderful to have a ``fresh`` face all day long. Now I can't wait to have my lips done, too".

Sincerely, Linda Rose Stagg

"If the eyes are windows to the soul, then eyebrows must be the frame! My brows over time had become almost nonexistent. Because I was spending so much time each morning trying to get them “just right” with an eyebrow pencil, I finally decided to try permanent makeup.

Although I was somewhat apprehensive about the procedure and the results it was a tough decision to make. But I can attest to its’ positive outcome. Her consultation was thorough, putting me at ease. The process was very gentle and was carefully done.

Now when I start my day, my eyebrows are “on”. They are perfectly coloured and arched, and are truly a wonderful framework.

Thank you for an excellent job!" Ruth S. Victoria, BC

Jan 24th, 2013

“WOW! I sincerely do not have the words to express my awe and gratitude at how my life has changed. The insecurity and lack of confidence are gone for good. My life used to revolve around my eyebrows, or lack thereof. Everywhere I went, I had to ensure I had at least 2 brow pencils with me. Total panic would take over if I was caught somewhere – noticed half my eyebrows gone and no brow pencil. No swimming, no sports that could make me sweat . . . First thing I would think about when I woke up was - are my eyebrows still on? I NEVER let anyone, not even family or my boyfriend see me without my eyebrows. It consumed me and my worry just became part of my life . . . but not anymore.

I shopped around, wanting the best eyebrows money can buy – after all – they have to be on my face everyday! They are the BEST, hands down. The consultation was eye opening – my therapist was professional and helpful and showed me that the way I had been penciling them in was not the best shape for my face – I couldn’t believe it! After checking out some other places I felt confident in choosing Age Less and my instinct was right – they will give you custom work – they really know how to enhance and play up your natural beauty. My therapist had an innate eye for symmetry and detail. She cares about her work and clients. I would highly recommend their services to anyone – I know it sounds dramatic – but they seriously changed my life. My brows look so natural, nobody even knows I’ve had them done.

You will thank yourself if you choose Age Less Centres. Gratefully”, Kirsten I. Victoria, BC

September 26, 2012

"After looking around at places to have a tattoo removed I came across Age Less Centre. So I called and went for a consultation. I was very impressed; they were friendly, nice, caring and very knowledgeable. They went through the whole procedure with me and what to expect. I chose to try the cryogen treatment knowing that this would not be a fast process. It could take months or even years to remove my tattoo depending on how many treatments I would need and how often I wanted to go for them. It was a minimum of 3 weeks to a month between treatments depending on how fast my blisters would heal. I was told that everyone's tattoo removal is different and there are many different variables to take into consideration such as the colour of the tattoo, the size, how long I had had the tattoo, the ink used etc…etc. and this would determine how many sessions would be needed to remove my tattoo and to what extent my tattoo would be gone. In my case I had a bright red maple leaf outlined in black about the size of a twoonie, which I had for about 8 years……I was told they weren't the easiest colours to remove and it could take anywhere from 8,9,10,11,12 or more sessions to remove this tattoo. Basically I could keep doing sessions until I was satisfied with how much colour was removed. I was told my skin would never be perfect and match the rest of my skin, there would probably be a little discolouration in the pigment in my skin but I was more than happy with that. I was told it would sting a little during the procedure, which it did but not as much as actually getting the tattoo. I was told to expect my blister to bubble, which it did. It bubbled about 1 cm to almost an inch high depending on how my skin reacted to that treatment that day. I was told not to pop my blister or pick at it as this would cause scaring and that it would take a few weeks to a month for my blister to heal and that I could use an ointment such as polysporin to help it heal. It took my blisters anywhere from 10 days to a month to heal, again depending on how my skin reacted to that particular treatment and how hard we hit it with the cryogen. I happened to have a treatment on the same day I came down with the flu once and that same week my son had jumped on me while I was laying down and had popped my big water blister. This was painful and with my immune system down, it took over 2 months for my blister to heal properly. After that I had more treatments and I had no problems with my blisters. It was back to the usual healing time. I've had about 10 treatments now and I'm very happy with the results. I highly recommend Age Less Centre. I had a GREAT experience!" Jennifer R.

"I came across Age Less Centre on my quest to seek out permanent makeup one day while searching on-line. I sent an email through the website and found a very quick reply answering all my questions and more! I was scheduled in a very timely manner and had my first consultation. I decided to have my eyebrows and my upper liner done.

So excited to arrive for my next appointment! The atmosphere is soothing and staff very friendly, they are quick to aid in my comfort any way, being a massage chair or glass of oxygenated water. The first appointment for my permanent make-up was great. Its a different feeling but they are sure to make it as comfortable as possible with a numbing agent. After my appointment I asked about the Venus Freeze body contouring sessions.

I was given a very in depth consultation and decided to go ahead with Venus Freeze after only two sessions I have already lost inches around my tummy. Its a very relaxing treatment like a warm massage. I'm very happy with all my services already and sure I'll keep coming back! I would recommend to all my friends for sure. I would live there if I could! Thank you so much!" Warmly Chantelle C.

"Very great service. Felt like part of a family, good friends when here. Love my eyebrows!" Kristine O.

"I came in two weeks ago [from today] to have what was left of a birth mark removed. About 10 years ago I had tried to have it removed by my family doctor at the time and she had informed me that she could only really remove the top layer. To remove any more would leave me with a "dent" in my skin. It's always been something I've hated! I heard of Age Less through my fiancee and thought I'd give it a try. The service was very friendly! I wasn't holding out for perfect results because of what my doctor had told me, but came anyway to have it dealt with. I was given very precise and clear instructions for pre-treatment and post. I came in and after 15 minutes of a pain free treatment, I was done. Two weeks later I cannot believe the results!! This thing that I thought I'd have to live with forever, is gone! I will definitely be back for other procedures that I would like, not only because of the great service and results, but also because of the affordable price! Beauty on a budget! Thank you so much" Bonny S.

“What to do? After quite a few years, starting in my forties, I got fed up struggling with my facial hair. It's not something a woman wants or likes to discuss, but I‘ld had enough.

I finally went to Age Less and haven't looked back since. They were sympathetic to my plight, but most of all gave me answers and help. It is not a short process to remove the unwanted hair, but it is working and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. How I wish I had gone sooner.

They have helped me with other issues as well and I have to say there is nothing better than feeling good about yourself. Care, knowledge and encouragement are three things that come to mind when I think of Age Less. Anyone with similar problems or questions needs to get into Age Less and see what they can do for you.” Pauline M.

"My skin started giving me trouble when I stopped taking birth control pills. Gradually my skin started to break out more and more. I tried Proactiv, but that didn't really work and it dried out my skin, to the point that it was flaking all the time. I started using Obagi a couple months ago. Right away, my skin was more hydrated. My breakouts are less frequent, and less severe. Every time there was any concern, my therapist would provide me with a solution and feedback custom tailored to my skin and it's been working very well. So happy I found this place." Sonya M.

"Having been "minus eyebrows" since an illness in my teens, pencils were not the solution. I first had them tattooed in 1986 - with reinforcement in 1999. Further fading (which is normal) and I found it time to have another touch-up and correction. Luckily I found Age Less Laser Centre, who corrected and reinforced them and now they're just great - they're gorgeous!!! Thank You". Liz B.

"I learned of Age Less on the internet and as soon as I called I was given all the info I needed and more. The staff fit me in as soon as possible. I am very happy with my results(permanent eye brows). The atmosphere is wonderful." Caroline S.

"Thank you for giving me back my eyebrows back. I really like the way you did them. I don't have to be embarrassed any more that my eyebrows will come off. Thanks again." Joan M.

To whom it may concern:
“I had my eyebrows cosmetically enhanced at Age Less, and have been thrilled by the comments made by my friends and neighbours regarding the quality of the work done and the satisfaction I feel at having the procedure done.  Thank you." Jean C.

To whom it may concern:
“I came in to Age Less hoping to tone up my body, I was never really over weight but I was uncomfortable with the way I looked. The staff was great, very kind and respectful. My appointments were very relaxing and also enjoyable. Before starting my Wrapid-Slim program, my therapist told me in great detail what to expect and there were no surprises. After the program I weighed 126 lbs, a total of 9 pounds weight loss because I was never really that big. As well as the amazing weight loss I had lost over 80 inches over all. My torso hasn’t looked so good! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is serious about keeping in shape and to eating right. Thank you for a great experience!” Nancy T.

Fatimah ‎ - 1 Feb 2012
"I had such a wonderful experience at this spa. First impressions really mean a lot to me, and they definitely made a great first impression. I am looking forward to more facials! Gentle, thorough, kind, and courteous - wonderful all around. Thank you, see you next time."

Catherine- 28 Dec 2011
"I have been a satisfied client for over 8 years. I have had laser hair removal on many different body parts and I particularly like that unlike any other place I've tried laser, they are the only ones who offer and use a cooling system to help avoid discomfort or irritation. I have done their lymphatic drainage, body wraps, pedicures, the Thermographic Breast & Body Screening / CRT Scan, and quantum biofeedback (excellent and recommended to anyone with ANY health issues, medical, grief, nutritional deficiencies etc.). I have tried many different kinds of spas in Victoria and around the world, and although each spa's experience has it's unique differences, I generally do not return if I believe I have not been treated well. I have found the therapists at Age Less to be quite knowledgeable, but I also appreciate that they truly care for the well being and happiness of their clients."

Sarah ‎ - 13 Jun 2011
"I'm writing this under my fiancé’s (Bob) gmail account because I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my experience when I went in to use my Groupon. Everyone was so nice and I appreciated the time they spent answering my questions and analyzing my skin type. The therapist gave me practical advice on how to take care of my skin and never once "pushed" extra services or products. I was very happy with the service provided (an ultrasonic peel) and felt very well taken care of. I will definitely recommend Age Less Age Well to friends and family and look forward to visiting them again in the future". Sarah

Sandra ‎ - 7 May 2011
"I first tried Age Less when they offered the Groupon. I have to say I LOVE THIS PLACE! They were very helpful and spent lots of time with me answering all of my million questions. I liked them so much I decided to get my permanent makeup (eyebrows) redone there. It was SO worth it! My therapist did an amazing job and I have been getting tons of compliments! They made me feel great about myself! My therapist was very sweet to me and all the staff have been great - on my 3 visits so far! I will definitely go back for any other treatments I may have in the future!"

Kathleen ‎ - 13 Mar 2011
"I was referred to Age Less Spa through a friend who had really done her homework in finding the best place to go in Victoria for laser hair removal. I just finished my second appointment and I am already seeing results! Virtually pain-free and for a very reasonable price! I have also had some moles removed with a quick and (almost) painless method that will not leave big scars like the ones I have from having moles surgically removed a year or so ago. I can't wait to pamper myself and try some of their other fabulous services! Everyone is so friendly, and I look forward to seeing them every time! My therapist was really knowledgeable!"

Mona ‎ - 28 Feb 2011
"When I came to Age Less, my biggest problem that I was having was I was getting married in 2 months (May 17) and although I was exercising and watching what I was eating I was still getting bulky and my wedding dress that I had purchased in December no longer fit. Before I came in for a consultation I was told the fee structure of the consultation so that there were no surprises. My consultation consisted of a personal survey and chat with regards to my goals.

We chatted about my weight problem and how to attain my goals and also some treatments that I could get done on my severe wrinkling around my eyes. I started my first experience with a Reduce a Wrap treatment for my excess girth. I was told that I would loose a minimum of 15 inches overall. I was more than skeptical but pursued the process anyway because I was getting desperate. When my wrap was finished, the second measurement was taken (one was taken prior to the wrap) and I had reduced an average of 35” overall. I had also talked to the therapist about eye brow arching which I had never done before. After my wrap appointment, I had waxing done on my eyebrows and a few other facial areas to “tidy up”. I know that I had felt better from my first wrap but I was very surprised when I went home and my fiancé noticed a difference when he hugged me. The next day going to work the eyebrow waxing definitely made an impression as I must have had at least 3 comments about how much better I looked and yet they couldn't tell why because it looked so natural. I continued to have more wraps until I felt that I really didn't need any more to get where I needed to be. I was never told to pursue it any further when I didn't need any more treatments. I consulted my therapist in regards to spot wrapping as my legs and arms didn't need any more full wraps and she recommended a different treatment for me to attain the final goal that I needed. After a few spot wraps my final goal of fitting into my wedding dress was attained. She never told me that the wraps would eliminate all of my “girth” issues, she explained to me that it would help as a catalyst because of the toxins that would be reduced from my system…..none the less, the results have lasted from when I last had my wrap (no weight gain drinking a glass of water or any of those visions I had) and I have been very happy (and surprised) with the results. I decided to spoil myself a bit more and have the deep wrinkling on the sides of my eyes looked at and I had lymphatic drain and eye treatments to help reduce the problem. What a difference in my skin around my eyes when I had the treatments done! My skin was smoother, my wrinkles were reduced and the puffiness under my eyes was eliminated". Mona - Victoria, BC

Susanna ‎ - 28 Feb 2011
"This is the only place I'd consider going to in Victoria. I have received a variety of health and aesthetic services from the staff and owner of Age Less over the past four years: laser hair removal, mole removal, facial rejuvenation, as well as bio-feedback. I have been consistently satisfied with the results; in fact, they have typically far exceeded my expectations. I am particularly grateful for the help I received in dealing with a distressing health issue. The owner's support and extensive knowledge were second to none, and made all the difference to me in getting through a very difficult time".

Kelly ‎ - 8 Sept 2010
"Thorough and knowledgeable I went to Age Less for a tattoo removal consultation and first appointment, and I could not have been happier. The atmosphere is relaxing and professional, and the people could not have been better. The amount of information I received was much more than I'd experienced elsewhere, and I felt completely confident in getting my first treatment there. I plan to continue going to Age Less, and I fully recommend them to anyone looking for a spa or laser centre".

Lindsay ‎ - 28 Aug 2010
"Best Laser Hair Removal Victoria, BC As a well seasoned world traveler, I have had the opportunity to spend time at some world class destination spas, & as such, upon my return to Victoria, I decided that it was time to stop shaving & waxing & to investigate options for laser hair removal in Victoria. I'm glad to have come across Age Less. When you walk into their Royal Oak location it feels like you've escaped to South East Asia. The setting is not only exotic & peaceful but also very professional. From the greeting to their lovely amenities such as a large & well appointed relaxation lounge & choice of refreshments, I felt as if I'd left town. As for their services, I've not seen another facility of this calibre in all of Victoria that is high tech, yet holistic with a huge selection of options to help me to age looking & feeling my best without expensive, artificial fillers, wrinkle paralizers or invasive surgeries. I received a complimentary consultation with their resident expert not a consultant who thoroughly explained the various options available to me. I felt confident about my decision to have my laser hair removal performed by their certified Therapists as they answered all my questions & assured me a comfortable experience with results. Between the expert & friendly staff, ambiance, fair pricing and treatments I am very pleased with my experience and would recommend them in an instant. I plan to keep going back".