"I chose to get a large black text tattoo on my arm . . . and immediately regretted the decision. I then spent the next six months going to tattoo artists to try and modify it. I finally reached the decision that I need to have the tattoo completely removed by laser therapy.

My initial contact with the therapist at Age Less Laser Centres was over the phone. The therapist was very professional and was able to answer all my questions. I immediately booked my consultation and first session.

As I walked in to the clinic, the surroundings were beautiful and relaxing. The therapist immediately welcomed me and put me at ease. The following week I had my first session. I was scheduled for the 4/20 laser session. I was feeling very anxious, since I have heard so many experiences of laser tattoo removal being awfully painful. I was pleasantly surprised!I found the process to be very relaxing.

The reason I had such a positive experience was due to the caring nature of the therapist and the holistic approach of the clinic. They ensured I had excellent pre and post care to minimize the discomfort and any side effects of the treatment.

I was provided with a relaxing spa environment and the therapist ensured I was comfortable during my entire treatment. As an Esthetician in the beauty and skin care industry, I was very impressed with the therapist's level of knowledge and expertise in relation to laser therapy.

I would recommend Age Less Laser Centre to anyone considering tattoo removal."

Alicea F.