“Over the past few months, Age-Less has helped me realize that I am so much more than an invisible middle-aged woman.

With a discrete, accessible location, plenty of parking and a private reception, I knew instantly I had found the right place.

The inviting, European inspired spa decor and atmosphere put me at ease instantly. With tensions gone, and my therapists expertise and constant reassurance, I knew my well-being was as important as my looks. The more I could relax and co-operate during the procedures, the more quickly and efficiently she could work her Magic. I’ve enjoyed the Age Less experience so much!

If you’re concerned about discomfort, you can stop worrying now. With excellent topical anesthetics before and during your procedures, you’ll feel very little. Having one’s eyebrows plucked is more intense than having the hair-stroke pigment applied. I found the treatment rather comfortable, with only an occasional pinch.

My therapist was the definitive professional. The first item on my wish list was permanent upper-lid liner. Unfortunately, my upper lids were too droopy for this procedure. Instead, we started with brows and lower liners. To prepare my upper lids for liner, she suggested a series of non-surgical skin tightening treatments. I’m so glad she did! In only a few relaxing sessions I watched the years drop off my face, and a few weeks later was ready for upper-lid liner. It is wonderful to have a “fresh“ face all day long. Now I can’t wait to have my lips done, too.”

Thanks again, Linda Rose