Wellness Services Victoria BC

Why Would You Consider Functional Anti-Aging Tests & Therapies?

Is it because:

· You are sick & tired of feeling sick & tired without recourse.
· You are tired of being medicated without real improvement.
· You are feeling hopeless with regards to your future health.
· You are fed up with not having quality sleep & hot flushes that are not abating.
· You know you are not your diagnosed disease & do not wish to be labelled as One.
· You wish to have quality of life long term.
· You do not want to break down physically just because you are getting older.
· You wish to be proactive in your long term wellness & realize that to stay well long term,
requires some investment, time & effort on your part.
· You get that there is no magic pill for poor lifestyle choices.
· You don’t find band-aid therapies acceptable.
· You are not satisfied with a one size fits all approach to managing your health.
· You do not accept that certain mainstream diagnostics come with inherent risks.
· You get that it is everyone’s right to enjoy vital health long term.
· You wish to learn what your very individual morphology & biochemistry require for long term wellness.
· You want your very own - customized Lifestyle Recommendations Road Map.
· You are ready to make a commitment to your long-term health & beauty TODAY!

Age Well Rx - Nutraceuticals

Overall health & wellness is greatly impacted by the amount of nutrition & toxins at the cellular level.

As such, the Age Well Rx -  Nutraceuticals™ therapeutic strength products were developed to provide you with safe & effective internal cleansing & nourishing formulas incorporating the best of Ayurvedic, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathic & Herbology modalities.

In the battle against excessive environmental toxin exposure, internal cleansing is no longer an option for most of us, but rather a necessity.

Age Well Rx -  Nutraceuticals™ are an excellent adjunct in ensuring colon & liver health. These herbal formulations are made up of multiple organic herbs that will greatly assist in cleansing the intestines of putrefied toxins and parasites & fortifying the liver.

Age Well Rx -  Nutraceuticals™ will assist you to create a more balanced and harmonious internal chemistry by assisting with your digestion, sleep issues, allergies, anxiety, loss of hormones and enzymes.

With a customized Age Well Rx -  Nutraceuticals™ therapeutic internal cleansing and supplementation program, you're sure to see & feel the difference.

Wellness Therapies

The Bio-Energy Spa Therapy

By placing the Age Less Bio-Energy Spa System in water – and then your feet in this water, you are giving the body a bio-charge boost. Think of your body coming into this lifetime with a 24-volt battery and over time that battery gets worn down by normal daily life and activity. Then say you lead a highly active and stress filled life. Maybe you are a type ‘A’ personality? Always on the go – your mind always active. Do you have a hard time relaxing, let alone meditating? Or have you experienced either physical or mental trauma? A car accident or sports injury? A divorce or loss of a loved one?

What the Age Less Bio-Energy Spa System will do is naturally boost your body’s natural energy matrix or ‘battery’ back up to its 24 volts and then your own innate healing intelligence within will direct this healing energy to exactly what needs attention.
ie: Sore, tight muscles, neck pain from degeneration? Lack of sleep? Hormone imbalance? Poor digestion? Or a major health challenge depleting your immune system? All will pull at your energy battery. No wonder we can feel tired!

The Age Less Bio-Energy Foot Spa System works with water . . .

Life is fundamentally based on a matrix of water.  Water carries at its essential level the energetic pattern of life energy.  One cannot artificially create this energy pattern.  The Age Less Bio-Energy Spa System was specifically and precisely designed to activate the capacity for water to transform an “inorganic, or non living energy source, into its “organic”, or living, energy format.  We have loosely called this energy bio energy, as it is a format that living systems are able to assimilate without the need to do a subsequent energy translation.  In this way the Age Less Bio-Energy Spa System, combined with the water medium, acts as a “biological battery charger”.

This technology delivers an energy resource formatted uniquely to the individual.  The person assimilates and utilized this resource in a non-invasive way.  That is, the body is not forced to either use or react to the resource.  The experience is commonly one of relaxation and refreshment.  As the body is able with this available energy resource to carry out its normal processes, it is able to begin to balance, repair and restore its inherent functions.

The actual experience will depend on the biological history of the individual and the implementation of the individual’s own innate intelligence in using this resource.  This will also be influenced by what other necessary resource the body needs.  That is why this technology works so synergistically with other bio-energetic technologies as well as nutritional, dietary and exercise regimes. As the body begins to reactivate sluggish systems and clear negative and toxic areas and energies, it is not uncommon for people to have common retracing type experiences.  Also one can have mild “healing type” experiences depending on the state of balance and energy flow the person has when using the system.

The way a cell of the body utilizes energy is as follows:

  • The blood brings Oxygen and Fuel to the membrane of the cell.
  • Those components penetrate into the cell and are dissolved in the protoplasm, which is mineral water.
  • Oxygen and fuel combine (burn) to create energy, which is stored in the protoplasm as excited states of the water molecules.
  • The other components of the cell (Nuclei and wall) pick up the energy from the water for their function.

How many sessions will I need?

Generally, 14 sessions performed 2-3 times weekly for one month are recommended, with weekly follow up sessions.