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Mediceuticals Thinning Hair Solutions

The full range of Therapro MEDIceuticals® Thinning Hair Solutions was researched and developed by leading dermatological scientists who specialize in treating scalp, skin, and hair loss conditions. These products feature FDA-approved drugs and clinically-proven formulations for treating dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis of the scalp, bacteria and fungi that are often associated with hair loss. They integrate this modern pharmaceutical science with proven traditional medicine for the safest and most effective scalp and hair loss solutions.


TheraRx Antibacterial Scalp and Skin Treatment: keeps the scalp and skin healthy by eliminating and preventing the buildup of fungi and bacteria. For the best results and to treat the most difficult cases, we recommend that you use this product along with our Exfoliating Dandruff Treatment Shampoo and Scrub Seborrheic Oil Control Shampoo.

Exfoliating Dandruff Treatment Shampoo: This is an excellent treatment to eliminate the itching and flaking associated with psoriasis of the scalp and stubborn dandruff. Use daily or as often as possible.

Scrub Seborrheic Oil Control Shampoo: This is ideal for controlling the excessive scalp oil secretions that lead to oily hair, as well as for treating mild cases of dandruff. Use daily or as often as possible.

Saturate Replenishing Shampoo: This shampoo is designed to improve the condition of dry, damaged or chemically treated hair. Use daily or as often as possible.

BioClenz Antioxidant Shampoo: This is a deep cleansing and conditioning shampoo designed for normal, hair that has not been chemically treated. Use daily or as often as possible.


Volume Foaming Protein Cuticle Treatment: This can actually increase the diameter of even the finest, most delicate hair from the inside. An ideal strengthening treatment for weak, delicate, fine hair.

Strength Hair and Chemical Modifier: In just three minutes this product can prevent hair from breaking, will repair the hair shaft from the cuticle to the cortex, and will protect hair from further damage by chemicals.

Lite Finish Acidifying Detangling Rinse: This non-ionic, water based, cationic formula is made without oils or waxes and so rinses clean away and restores manageability in just minutes.

Therapeutic Hair and Scalp Response Conditioner: This product will remove dead cells build up and can help to improve circulation and acidify the scalp. It is an excellent light conditioner and detangler.

TheraPak Hair Reconstructor: This is the perfect deep reconstruction product for conditioning chemically treated and other types of very damaged hair.


Scalp Energizing Stimulator: This non-drug-based formula helps to inhibit DHT formation and to recharge the scalp's micro vascular system. Increasing blood microcirculation in the scalp can lengthen the anagen phase of hair growth, producing longer, stronger, healthier hair. We recommend that for best results you apply this scalp stimulator morning and night (twice a day) to start with. You may feel a slight warm sensation or tingling but this is temporary. Although we have yet to hear of any adverse reactions to this product, we recommend that you apply a small patch test 24 hours before beginning its use. Once you see the results you may decide to reduce the applications of this product to just 4-5 times a week.


Thickening Styling Lotion: This light, resin-free, alcohol-free styling lotion is designed for all purpose styling for all types of hair.

Hold Finishing Spray: This light, humidity resistant spray will not cause your scalp to itch or flake but will hold your hair perfectly in the style of your choice.


HairGain Nutritional DHT Inhibiting Complex: The primary cause of hair loss is DHT which shortens the hair's active growing phase. This supplement contains a unique mixture of all-natural inhibitors of DHT, as well as nutrients, minerals and vitamins that can optimize the active phase of healthy hair growth. For best results we recommend that you take these supplements in conjunction with our full range of topical Therapro MEDiceutical hair products.

You'll probably start to notice the results of the Therapro MEDIceuticals® Thinning Hair Solutions program after about two weeks when you should see a lessening hair loss. The full benefits will be most noticeable after about 2-3 months of continuous use. Likewise, if you decide to stop using the Therapro MEDIceuticals® Thinning Hair Solutions products it will take around 2-3 months for your hair to go back to its original condition.

This range of hair products will not affect your hair colour.

The sooner you begin a hair regeneration program the easier and quicker it will be to take effect. However, it is never too late to begin to control and prevent hair loss, so if you are interested in re-growing a beautiful head of healthier hair, contact Age Less Laser Centres today and ask us about our Therapro MEDIceuticals® Thinning Hair Solutions range. You'll wonder why you didn't contact us earlier.


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