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Professional strength teeth whitening in less than 1 hour!

Age Less Rx - Teeth Whitening System

You now have options. Gone are the days of having to pay anywhere from $550.00 to $800.00 for teeth whitening procedures at your dentist's office. Gone too are the days of uncomfortable, unhealthy procedures that may whiten the teeth but may also dehydrate the tooth pulp and enamel causing teeth to become brittle and dry - thereby increasing the potential for your teeth to require expensive crowns and veneers later on due to cracking, etc.

Now you can have a brighter, whiter smile on all your natural teeth, painlessly and affordably, with our safe and effective FDA and Health Canada Approved teeth whitening system.

Now You Too Can Have a Timeless Smile!

This professional strength, teeth whitening system is available exclusively at Age Less Laser Centres in Victoria, BC. It is the first, inside-the-mouth, professional teeth whitening system available in Victoria, BC.

Before starting this very effective teeth whitening treatment, we recommend that you have a professional dental cleaning, at your dentist's office. To understand how this process is different, and why it is so effective, we need to explain how it works.

Your teeth are made up of an inner dentin layer and a hard, protective, outer enamel layer. However, the enamel layer is also porous which means staining agents can work their way into the tooth. These stains are harmless, but unattractive.

Teeth stains can be caused by a variety of factors: illness, aging, tetracycline and minocycline, red wine, blueberries, tea, coffee, soy sauce, cigarettes and antibiotics - to name just a few. Stains that can be removed range from shades of yellow and brown to shades of grey and/or a combination of yellow and grey. Yellow is removed more easily than brown, grey or grey-brown (such as Tetracycline). Other stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, or one's own metabolic processes, are the most common and easy to remove. These stains form a layer on the outside of your teeth, accumulating a pellicle film over the enamel. As this pellicle layer sits on your teeth for years, the foreign material gets into the enamel.

Looking to enhance your confidence when you smile or come face to face with others?

The first step for successful teeth whitening is to compare your own teeth with our exclusive Shade Guide to determine the shade of your teeth prior to beginning each teeth whitening treatment. Up to 11 shades whiter in less than 60 minutes on aged teeth has been achieved with this exciting new whitening system, all without causing sensitivity.

The next step is to remove surface stains from your teeth. This will then reveal if you also have these more resistant, deeply imbedded enamel and dentin stains on your teeth and/or discoloured fillings.

We will then perform phased teeth whitening treatments using various strengths of anhydrous peroxide gel, activated with a specific wave length of blue LEDs. Blue light therapy has already received FDA approval for killing the "P" bacteria that causes acne. In this process, Blue LED light provides the pathway to healthier gums and teeth.

The anhydrous peroxide gel is applied in a very comfortable, non-gagging, mouth piece. Unlike teeth whitening strips that lay flat to the teeth and do not penetrate cracks and crevices, the specific, custom blended, teeth whitening gels that we use in our Age Less Laser Centres in Victoria, BC, go beneath the surface to penetrate and attack the unsightly stains that the toothbrush and whitening strips do not reach.

During the 45 to 60 minute session, this professional teeth whitening treatment will whiten your real teeth, allowing your brightest smile to shine through.

Want to leave a better first impression? Try whitening your teeth!

Unlike the costly Zoom and BriteSmile that treat only your front teeth and use hydrogen peroxide with heat, our unique teeth whitening system treats all of your real teeth, front and back while the gums also benefit from this sophisticated, cold, blue, LED technology.

With the proper Rx Teeth Whitening at home care products, you can extend the time required between visits, making your teeth whitening regimen more affordable.

Advanced Mouthwash kills bacteria, prevents bad breath, helps relieve irritations and reduces sensitivity. (All products manufactured are produced by FDA approved manufacturing companies.) It is also recommended for those using braces. Advanced Mouthwash is safe for all ages, is alcohol free and does not dry soft tissues. The Teeth Whitening Cleansing Gel (toothpaste) is a special blend that alters dental problems, improves everyday oral hygiene and boosts teeth whitening and is available exclusively at Age Less Laser Centres in Victoria, BC.

Clients who, in the past, have had difficulty with their gag reflex, or anxiety during teeth whitening sessions, do not experience problems with this outstanding technology. This teeth whitening program is alcohol free and so does not cause teeth to become dehydrated. It's also fluoride free (some researchers feel over-use of fluoride can actually cause tooth decay).

Comfortable, Safe, Effective and Affordable Teeth Whitening in Victoria, BC - Available Here!