Services Under $149 In Victoria BC

Enjoy Our Wide Array of Rejuvenating & Relaxing Services

All Under $149


Lash & Brow Tinting From: $24.00

Brow Redesign - Expert Brow Styling with Victorias' Eyebrow Queen - allow 30 mins - Get Movie Star Brows!  $49.00

Caress Minerals – Makeup Application - Allow 30 minutes  $49.00
Caress MineralsMakeup Lesson - Allow 60 minutes  $74.00
Maintenance - Buff & Shine Pedicure - Allow 45 minutes $49.00
Lux Pedicure - A Facial for your Legs and Feet - includes exfoliation, reflexology  & polish - Allow 75 minutes  $80.00
Classic Pedicure - complete foot care with mini reflexology foot massage & non-toxic polish (one colour)- 1 hr  $69.00
Non-Toxic Polish Application or French Polish Upgrade  $15.00
Warming Paraffin or Cooling Marine Masque Upgrades  $19.00
Manicures from Maintenance to Deluxe Anti Aging* - includes a facial for hands & forearms* from: $35.00 to $70
Medi Pedi`s to address problem nails & problem feet from: $120.00


Whether you're wishing to shed unwanted dry skin cells, dreaded cellulite, release stubborn fat, or improve the firmness & tone your body skin these customized, proprietary Services, will assist you to reach your goals beautifully. Depending on your concerns & objectives a customized series can effectively get you there. A FREE evaluation is always included.

Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage to release congested lymph fluids from swollen limbs.  $110.00

Body Shaping Wraps – Choose from Customized *Inch Loss * Skin Firming* Detoxifying from: $149.00


Lunch Time - Age Perfecting Facial Peels

Choose from high tech Micro Dermabrasion, Ultrasonic Peeling or from our outstanding assortment of Chirally Correct Skin Fitness Peels, here in Victoria BC. The appropriate series of these will provide outstanding results.

When time is of the essence yet results are required, these state of the art skin perfecting, no down time treatments are sure to increase your glow while reducing your stress. All treatments include a thorough cleansing, Oxygen Mist application, 5 - 7 minutes of the appropriate technology followed by the application of customized serums, appropriate daytime or nighttime hydrators & sunscreen where applicable. Additional massage, serum application & a deeply hydrating & firming customized marine collage Peel Off Masque are included with the longer sessions. A paraffin hand treatment is part of the 45 minute protocol along with a scalp massage. Compared to a Dermatology Clinic, a 10 minute in & out Peel runs around $150.00. For complete descriptions of these treatments, please click on the appropriate link.

20 minutes                           $99.00
30 minutes - as above plus additional $26.00 in Custom Serum & Marine Collagen Peel Off - Firming Masque        $125.00
45 minutes - as above plus additional $24.00 for massage to face & scalp & paraffin hand treatment                             $149.00

CARESS Rx - Age Defying Facials

A customized selection of results oriented, yet targeted facial care incorporating an assortment of leading edge technologies with a warm touch; to address the various aspects of aging. Include massage of face & scalp & paraffin hand treatment. Depending on your goals & skin condition the appropriate series of these will take your complexion to another level of being. Take these facials to the next level of relaxation with more massage to the upper arms, neck, shoulders & decollete - Allow an extra 15 minutes, for only an additional $20.00.

A FREE Professional 15 min. Skin Analysis is also included prior to experiencing any 45  minute results focused Caress Rx treatments at $149.00

CARESS Rx – Hydra Moist –Utilizing  3 technologies to assist  dry, dehydrated devitalized skins.
CARESS Rx – Lift –Utilizing Micro Currents  to increase muscle tone & hydration
CARESS Rx – Refine – Combinig Micro Dermabrasion or Ultrasonic Peeling with Skin Fitness Peels to reduce congestion,  black & white heads.
CARESS Rx – Lighten – Combining Ultrasounds, Skin Fitness Peel & masque  to greatly reduce melasma.

Additional Caress Rx Facials are available to address such conditions as Active Acne, Skin Laxaty, Rosacea, Sun Damage, Acne Scars & Wrinkles utilizing lasers & other state of the art technologies starting from  $299. - Correct pricing established at complimentary consultation.

Facial Treatment Results Boosters From only: $28 - $60

These treatment boosters can be layered with virtually any facial treatment on our menu, so you can create your own signature treatment.

New to custom skin care? Allow our skin experts to make the proper recommendations to address your unique skin conditions.

Caviar Collagen Stimulating Ampoule Booster         $28

Skin Perfect Rx Power Lift Layered Heating Mask   $40

Ultra-hydrating Collagen Blanket Treatment            $40

Vitamin C Antioxidant Oxygen Power Infusion        $49

Blueberry & Wine Collagen Boosting Peel                 $60

Cranberry Enzyme De congesting Exfoliation          $60

Bite Size Mini Treatments

Fabulous 10-minute fixes to revitalize and relax.
Available with the facial treatment of your choice - ONLY $24.00 ea

Eye Like It

Brighten your look and your outlook with this de-puffing, anti-fatigue, anti-aging booster.

Scalp Tension Tamer

This soothing scalp massage with relaxing lavender aromatherapy is perfect for releasing the tensions of the day.

Younger Hands Treatment

Erase years from your hands with this miraculous little treatment. Enzymes Masque to peel away brown spots and rough texture. Enjoy prior to complimentary deeply hydrating paraffin masque to firm, brighten and smooth.

Purifying Deep Pore Session

10 minutes of our signature precision extraction method leaves no pore un-turned, & is available with your favourite facial protocol.

Girl's Night Out

Let yourself glow with this nourishing firming treatment for the fragile skin of the décolleté'. A special-occasion 'must' for glamorous low-cut dresses and gowns.

*Please refer to our main menu of services for complete descriptions of all services

PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION – for Men & Women – Since 1996

Still The Best Pricing & Most Comfortable treatments In Town, with no price increases for the last 12 years.

Customized & comfortable, state of the art LASER technologies to safely & effectively reduce your unwanted facial & body hair of colour (Lasers cannot treat * bright red, pale blonde & white hair ) over a series of treatments in a relaxing SPA room. Affordable, safe, effective!

LASER - Accurate pricing provided at your FREE no obligation assessment

Facial Areas from:                                                      $68.00

Under Arms from:                                                      $119.00

Bikini *Your Choice of 4 Bikini Styles from:         $129.00

Inquire about our advantageously Priced Maintenance Packages offered to past & present clients.

NOTE: As each person varies in size & density of hair, in order to provide you with the fairest possible pricing Larger Body Areas such as arms, legs, backs, chests, abdominal & buttocks etc are assessed by individual consultation – SAVE $100.00 off a prepaid hour of laser, bank what you don`t use for future visits.

Low Level Laser Hair Restoration

Low Level Laser Hair Therapy uses a non-thermal low level laser light technology that is applied to the scalp & hair. The result is a restorative reaction that clears the debris that congests hair follicles & shafts, swells the cortex and closes the cuticles, of existing hair, while stimulating new hair growth.
Three relaxing visits per week over 9 - 12 months can generate amazing results in cases of hair loss! From: $45.00

This 30 minute relaxing process performed less frequently, also enhances hair, so that it looks and feels softer, thicker, shinier & easier to manage.

TATTOO REMOVAL – Say Goodbye To Your Regrets!

*Three Customized Methods*

Find out why our clients are thrilled with our prices & their results!

State of the art Q Switched Yag Technology with Cryo Cooling for the ultimate in comfort & results.  From: $75.00
Accurate pricing by FREE consultation. SAVE even more with a series of 6 sessions divided by 3 easy payments.


Leading edge technologies for the effective reduction of benign skin growths, such as keratosis, assorted moles, skin tags, fatty deposits, cherry dots, small broken capillaries.  From: $95.00


All of the treatments below require an assessment & a customized series of sessions for visible results.

· Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage from: $110.00
· Slim Toning – Targeted Spot & Cellulite Reduction from: $149.00
· Contour Treatments – Non-Surgical Breast, Buttock & Belly Uplifting

– Assists in the lifting of larger muscle groups

from: $149.00
· Fat Reduction & Skin Tightening with Low Level Laser* from: $149.00
 *Lose inches in unwanted areas painlessly - Priced per # of areas needed  


Rejuvenate your legs with targeted, non-invasive yet relaxing therapies. Consultation required. From: $120.00

· Cellulite Reduction – Minimize those lumps & bumps
· Vein Reduction – Reduce those purple & red broken capillaries
· Fatigue Reduction – Reduce the aches & pains from overworked legs
· Swollen Legs – Reduce interstitial fluids from your swollen legs

*We also offer Specialized World-Class Med Esthetic Treatments from: $249.00

*Consultations are required to assess individual concerns, create a customized protocol & establish best possible pricing.

Permanent Makeup – to enhance your Brows, Liners & Lips. Lasting from 1.5 to 5 plus years.

Derma Pigmentation – to re-implant areolas after breast reconstruction surgery & to reduce the appearance of vitiligo & other skin discolourations.

Photo Facials - Targeted skin rejuvenating therapy to address pigmentation (sun damage), diffused redness (Rosacea), Acne, & Skin Laxity, utilizing state of the art Intense Pulsed Light & Radio Frequencies.

Collagen Induction – A non-injectable, affordable way to stimulate your skin to grow itself back where you have acne scars, enlarged pores & wrinkles.

Skin Tightening - State of the art Laser & Radio Frequency technologies to firm loose, sagging skin

Scar Revision Therapies – To minimize & soften various types of scars, from surgeries to burns, on face & body.

5 Precious Facials – The ultimate in luxury & results - 24kt Gold, Diamonds, Crushed Pearls and Semi Precious Gem Stones. From: $199.00