Rosacea Therapy Victoria BC

Reduce Your Redness – Your Holistic Treatment Options

Rosacea begins as flushing & redness on the central face & across the cheeks, nose & forehead, but can also, less commonly, affect the neck & chest. As it progresses, other symptoms can develop such as semi-permanent flushing & redness, dilation of superficial blood vessels on the face, red domed papules & pustules, red gritty eyes, burning & stinging sensations, & in some advanced cases, a red bulbous nose. Traditional medical therapies typically consist of topical steroid gels which may initially temporarily decrease some of the redness but unfortunately weakens vessels & surrounding tissues in the long term as well as antibiotics.

Rosacea is a common, but widely misunderstood, skin condition, which affects white-skinned people of mostly north-western European descent. Rosacea is often a genetic issue & those that are fair-skinned usually of Celtic background seem to have a higher predisposition to developing it. Women are more commonly affected but when men develop rosacea it tends to be more severe. You can get rosacea at any age; however there seems to be a higher occurrence in those between the ages of 30-60.


The first signs of rosacea are persisting redness due to exercise, changes in temperature, & cleansing. Triggers that cause flushing & redness play a part in the development of rosacea.

  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Heat from sunlight and severe sunburns
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Specific Foods & Beverages (see below)
  • Cold wind
  • Moving to a warm or hot environment from a cold one such as heated shops & offices during the Winter

Some foods, drinks & medications that can trigger flushing

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine (especially hot tea & coffee)
  • Foods high in histamines & spicy food
  • Certain medications & topical irritants (if redness persists after receiving a specific treatment or using a certain product, then it should be stopped immediately)
  • Steroid induced rosacea is the term given to rosacea caused by the use of topical or nasal steroids. Dosage should be slowly decreased & not immediately stopped to avoid a flare up.

Your Holistic Treatment Options

Avoiding substances that can trigger rosacea will assist in reducing redness, however; specialized skin treatments, customized nutrients & some lifestyle adjustments are often necessary to get this frustrating skin condition under control.

It is important to have a gentle, customized at home skin care regimen utilizing non-irritating cleansers and soothing hydration.

Protection from the sun is important & daily use of a sunscreen of at least SPF 15, containing titanium dioxide, is advised, although chemical sunscreens, can also be used but only if you are willing to reapply them religiously every 2 hours, otherwise research shows that they will increase oxidative stress in the deeper layers of your skin further exacerbating your rosacea concerns. Our super light and natural looking custom blended Beauty Therapy Mineral foundation will also minimize redness & should be used daily to reduce inflammation, offering additional sun protection while allowing your skin to breathe.

At Age Less Laser Centres we invest in a wide array of evidence based leading edge technologies, products and techniques to customize your treatments every step of the way, because not everyone responds optimally to every option, and our goal is to get you the most visible, lasting improvements for the fairest possible pricing. As such, depending on the severity of your rosacea concerns, your customized protocol may include some or all of the following options over time: IPL- E Light Laser, Photo Pulsation, targeted RF Probe treatments, Designer Enzymic Peels and Masques along with the soothing benefits of our custom blended bio-active CosMEDermal Rx, vegan, 95% organic skin care for truly impressive results.

IPL - E Light Advanced Intense Pulsed Light therapy is a laser type technology which is successfully used to treat rosacea, in particular, diffused redness of the skin. This broad-spectrum light is able to penetrate the epidermis to target your capillaries at the dermis layer of your skin. The light is absorbed by your oxy-haemoglobin, which causes your capillary walls to reach up to 70ºC, damaging them, so your body absorbs them through its natural defense mechanisms.

Photo-Pulsation Multi Dimensional Light therapy utilizes a gentle yet extremely effective NASA space age technology Panel with multiple super luminous light emitting diodes to decrease skin bacteria while simultaneously strengthening fragile blood vessels, increasing overall collagen, and reducing inflammation and cumulative sun damage for a lasting visible improvement in four areas of the complexion in each relaxing, no down time session of only 35 minutes.

Designer Enzymic Peels provide soothing and healing benefits by gently digesting dead surface cells, reducing inflammation and minimizing pore size as well as fine lines.

RF Probe Technology targets the fine face and leg veins over a series of a few sessions be effectively co-agulating the capillaries. Your body absorbs these over time until they are no longer obvious.

Tri Polar RF Technology delivers energy that not only tightens the skin but blood vessels as well as the frequencies are attracted to moisture and blood in capillaries is 90% water, thus over the appropriate series of gentle sessions not only will the overall treated skin be firmer but any visible blood vessels will too.

Gentle Enzymic Exfoliation, Serums & Calming Masques are all used to further customize your treatment for immediate visible improvements. With the sufficient number of treatments, which varies for each person, especially if there is a genetic component, this method may even eliminate your redness completely.

Once the desired improvements have been achieved and because rosacea is a condition that needs to be properly managed to prevent aggravating it,  those who are predisposed will benefit from a touch up treatment 2 to 4 times per year to ensure that it stays under control.

With advanced third generation technologies, therapeutic products and techniques as well as with the diligent at home care with soothing, customized skin care & holistic nutrition your rosacea can be kept under control.
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