Live Blood Analysis Victoria BC

Your blood cycles through your body approximately every 3-4 minutes. We are only as healthy as our blood is!

When we look at blood in the "live" state with Darkfield Microscopy, we get a look at what is truly happening in the blood & the body.

Healthy & unhealthy blood will look very different (see pictures below). In healthy blood, the red cells are not stuck together and move about freely, thereby optimizing their potential for health.

In unhealthy blood there are aglutinations, bacterial like developments, & overall congestive factors, which can lead to degenerative processes.

If you are interested in anti-aging & disease prevention live cell or blood microscopy is an additional specific screening test that will further assist you in determining your optimal nutritional program & holistic therapies. It is also extremely helpful for those with chronic illness, especially of the immune system, which are associated with bacteria & parasites, including, rheumatoid arthritis & infectious diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, giardiasis & chronic fatigue syndrome.

Live cell blood analysis is different from regular blood analysis because it uses whole blood (as opposed to just parts of the blood); the blood is unstained & uses higher magnification. Live cell microscopy offers a quick & reliable means of seeing microorganisms & their waste bi-products in living, whole blood, versus conventional desiccated blood cultures which are not 100% accurate. Live cell microscopy allows us to see the living microorganisms free floating in your blood stream very clearly, thus allowing earlier detection of certain conditions.

Skeptics of live cell microscopy believe that the blood of healthy individuals is totally sterile and therefore viruses, bacteria, fungi & parasites cannot exist in the blood stream. They argue that if this were so, patients would be in hospitals dying. Scientific research worldwide, including Germany, Eastern Europe & New Zealand, to name a few, has consistently disproved this very inaccurate theory. The list of research papers describing the presence of viral, bacterial, fungal & parasitic toxins in the blood of ‘healthy’ individuals is extensive.

The main advantage of live blood microscopy is that many nutritional imbalances can be more readily detected before standard, chemical blood tests show any abnormalities. As the wise saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

How Is It Done?

A sophisticated microscope is attached to a high-quality, colour, video camera which is connected to a computer monitor. Just one drop of blood taken from a tiny fingertip puncture reveals valuable information about various health concerns, which are then correlated with other physical & bio-chemical tests.