Holding On To Your 40 Year Old Face in Victoria BC


Age Less Laser Centres can help you improve and hold onto your unique face long term, without ongoing costly injectables or invasive surgical procedures. Using, safe, proven and effective Medical Grade Technologies, techniques and products, one of our highly trained and skilled Med Esthetic Skin Experts will assist you to greatly diminish your Forehead Lines, Enlarged Pores, Crows Feet, Thinning Eye Brows, Baggy Eyes, Deep Laugh Lines, Vertical Lip Lines, Thinning Lips, Sagging Jaw Line, Sagging Neck, Excess Facial Volume, Skin Discolourations, Acne Concerns, Various Scars and Benign Skin Growths with minimal or no down time. Today we know that just because we are getting older does not mean we have to look and feel old. After all every masterpiece deserves a little restoration!


We can help you “In the neck of time” to retain or restore, tighten and smooth your neck. With science having advanced beyond our imagination we can now choose to age gracefully with the help of a few high tech yet non-invasive treatments, that reduce fat and pigmentary abnormalities, remove bothersome skin tags, soften deep creases while increasing muscular tonicity, skin elasticity and hydration. The appropriate customized series of treatments will enhance and maintaining the curves and elasticity of your beautiful neck, long term. Prevention is always better than a cure!

Treatments to enhance the colour, texture and elasticity of your Neck area at Age Less include: Collagen Induction for creases, Intense Pulsed Light with RF, Photopulsation Therapy, Medical Grade AFA Peels for red and brown discolourations, Medical Skin-Needling, Meso - Reduce & Tighten, or RF Skin Tighten for elasticity, Quantum Micro Current for Muscle Lifting, RF Volume Reduction and RF Probe Skin Growth removal.


The décolletage is a vulnerable area that gets a fair bit of environmental exposure over a lifetime and can show aging more quickly than other areas due to the thinness of the skin and the lack of oil glands in the area, as such it needs TLC to prevent damage or a curative protocol to turn existing damage around. Everyone deserves a beautiful flawless décolletage, especially for that special occasion, the Bride, mother of the bride or bridesmaid, it’s achievable for all. At Age Less Centres, we can help to reverse the signs of aging, sun damage, crepey skin and sleep lines with specialized therapies and a few secret products and tips. Once we have achieved the desired results, we will help you to maintain and prevent the ravages of time from reoccurring with our very own custom blended, medical grade Skin Perfect Rx Cosmeceutical skin Serums and Neck & Décolleté Cream.

Treatments to enhance the colour, texture and firmness of your delicate Décolletage area at Age Less Centres include: Intense Pulsed Light with RF, Medical Grade AFA Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion, Photopulsation Therapy and Tri Polar RF Skin Tightening.

Face, Neck & Décolletage

These three intertwined areas create a cosmetic “picture”, in treating one area you need to ensure all three areas blend together in a youthful flow. How many times does a neck give the age away or the neck and décolletage don’t look like they belong to the face they are attached to. By taking extra care of one of the most exposed yet feminine areas of our body, the area most on display, we can hold onto our confidence and esteem. Age Less Centres provides results driven, customized Non Surgical Face Lift treatment packages to ensure you continue to make an entrance and remain your most beautiful long term.

Treatments to enhance the colour, texture, volume and firmness of your Face, Neck and Décolletage at Age Less include: Anti-Wrinkle Therapies such as Collagen Induction, Medical Skin Needling, Intense Pulsed Light with RF, Photopulsation Therapy, Medical AFA Peels, Deep Herbal Peels, Meso & RF Reduce & Tighten, Micro Currents, Ultrasounds, Scar Revision and RF Probe-Skin Growth Removal.


Do you want to wear sleeveless clothes with confidence? At Age Less Centres our “Wings Away” program will improve the tightness and texture of the skin on your arms. It will assist you in maintaining or regaining loss of elasticity and poor skin quality that has been lost or neglected over time. With a combination of our latest in Medical Grade high technology, we can substantially decrease their circumference, tighten the skin and give your arms a much firmer, and vital youthful appearance.

Treatments to enhance the skin colour, texture and reduce the circumference of your Arms at Age Less include Intense Pulsed Light with RF, Photopulsation Therapy, Medical Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion, Medical Micro- Needling, Meso & RF Tighten and Volume Reduction Therapies.


Gain freedom, and confidence to be seen in sleeveless tops or even spaghetti straps without unsightly underarm bulge. With a customized series of the appropriate treatments you can expect amazing results and your under arm bulge can become a thing of the past.

Treatments to slim and tighten your Underarms at Age Less include: RF Skin Tighten, RF Fat Reduction Therapies, Meso-Reduce & Tighten, Ultrasounds and Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage. To eliminate your unwanted hair, permanent Laser Hair Reduction is also available.


Over time the volume and elasticity of our breasts change due to weight variations, pregnancies, breast-feeding and good old gravity. Sagging, stretch marks and volume loss can result. To keep your breasts healthy and firm, long term Age Less offers you safe, evidence-based, Non Surgical Face Lift options to tighten, smooth and lift your breasts giving you a perkier more youthful bosom. For your peace of mind - to also address your breast health, Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage and Breast Thermography are additional preventative health measures offered exclusively at Age Less Laser Centres.

Treatments to enhance the look and health of your Breasts include: RF Skin Tighten, or RF Volume Reduction with Tightening, Quantum Contour- Breast Lifting treatments (to increase dynamic tension in the chest muscles), Medical Grade Skin Needling, Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage and Breast Thermography.


The tell tale sign of our true age, yes the hands!! Exposed to the ravages of sun, time, work… well just life in general shows in our hands. Take Madonna or Sarah Jessica Parker for instance, they might look young but their hands tell another story. Reverse and prevent damage and aging with our “Secret Weapon Hand Program”, a combination of RF Skin Tightening / Collagen Promoting Therapy to increase elasticity and collagen growth, IPL to rid the hands of sun spots and redness and finally a hyaluronic acid / fatty acid enriched, customized hand cream to plump up the skin on thinning hands. Youthful luminous hands are an asset to be proud of, adorned with a little bling of course!

Treatments to enhance the colour, texture and firmness of your Hands at Age Less Centres include: Intense Pulsed Light with RF, Medical AFA Peels, RF Skin Tightening, Magnetic Pulsing Therapy to thicken your collagen, Medical Micro-Needling and Photopulsation Therapy.


Our focus at Age Less Centres is to help those with a ‘Mummy Tummy” to have a ‘Yummy Mummy” and regain confidence and sex appeal once again. Any woman who has given birth, lost weight or gained some stubborn localized fat can have a lack of elasticity in the affected area. Our Yummy Tummy program can be customized using a variety of results driven procedures and technologies incorporating a combination of therapies.

Treatments to enhance the shape, volume and elasticity of your Tummy at Age Less Centres include: Medical Micro-Needling (ideal for stretch marks), RF Skin Tightening, RF Volume Reduction, Rapid Slim Wraps, Lipo- Flush Spot Reduction Wraps, Ultrasounds, Quantum Contour Treatments or Meso-Reduce & Tightening therapy to give you great results. Give us skin anywhere on the body and we will improve it.


Aging causes skin to lose tone and elasticity resulting in ‘DRAPING’ of the skin. The back is a very apparent area where this can occur resulting in folds and drapes, and it’s not something that only happens to overweight people, thin people get it too. Bra Bulge is another concern in this area. Reduce your unwanted fat volume and boost the collagen and elastin of this important area with combination therapy to contour and slim your back area and increase your confidence.

Treatments to enhance the volume and elasticity of your Back at Age Less Centres include: RF Fat Reduction, RF Skin Tightening, Intense Pulsed Light with RF, Medical Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion, Meso - Reduce & Tighten, and RF Probe Therapy for the elimination of unsightly, benign skin growths.

Love Handles

The only handle we want to be associated with is the one on a designer handbag! Our body distributes fat in a variety of areas, having extra fat and width on our upper hips called “love handles” is anything but “LOVELY’. With a variety of modalities we can reduce your volume, reshape your curves and tighten your skin so that the result is a more confident you. With our exclusive customized therapies, available only in Victoria at Age Less Centres, you will …LOVE THE RESULTS.

Treatments to get your Love Handles less lovey at Age LessLaser Centres are RF & Meso Volume Reduction with Skin Tightening, Rapid Slim Wrap,Ultrasounds and the Lipo Flush Spot Reduction therapy.


“Beautiful Derrieres” are always in, be it male or female we all admire a perky tight bottom, it is a sign of youth and looks great in jeans or a pencil skirt. Age Less Centres has a 'beautiful bottom' treatment plan for you. We are achieving great results with the very advanced Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening Tri Polar RF Technology, we are the first facility to offer this service in Victoria. Don’t wait until it’s too late; inquire about your treatment plan today.

Treatments for Buttocks at Age Less Centres are Fat Reducing / Skin Tightening RF Therapy, Meso-Reduce & Tighten, Quantum Contour Treatments.

Knees and Elbows

The hardwearing skin on knees and elbows show the passage of time resulting in a dehydrated, rough, darkened and sometimes wrinkled appearance. Age Less Centres has a combination of treatments and medical grade skin care to rejuvenate and revive the tell-tale areas of the knees and elbows.

Treatments to enhance the colour and texture of your Knees and Elbows at Age Less Centres includes: Medical Grade Peels, Medical Microdermabrasion, Meso-Reduce & Tighten, Tri Polar RF Skin Tightening and RF Fat Reduction therapy and Permanent Laser Hair Reduction for unwanted knee hair.


Smooth, slim thighs give the illusion of height and look statuesque. Unfortunately for some heredity, genetics and hormones play a huge role in determining the amount of body fat we carry and where it will be stored. As if this were not enough, cellulite in its three forms and four stages also plays a role and affects over 85% of all women over 15. With a customized internal nutrition and detoxification program along with a customized treatment program we have the ability to reshape, slim, tighten and smooth your thighs beautifully.

Treatments to smooth, firm and slim your Thighs include: RF Volume Reduction or RF Skin Tightening, Meso-Reduce & Smooth therapy, Ultrasounds, Rapid Slim Wraps, Lipo-Flush Wraps, Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage and Laser Hair Removal for unwanted hair.


Feet are one of our hardest working body parts and are often taken for granted. Feet can show aging in a number of ways, excess pigmentation and broken capillaries on the instep, excess callusing to name a few. At Age Less we customize  foot treatments to give you beautiful, healthy feet. So celebrate your feet and look after them!