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Like you, thousands of people in Victoria BC, are looking for hair loss or hair restoration treatments.

At Age Less Laser Centres, we offer a two pronged approach that uses revolutionary Swedish low level light laser technology to stimulate new hair growth and, at the same time, Therapro® Thinning Hair Solutions as a preventative treatment to avoid future hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss?

Statistics clearly show that medical professionals are seeing an increasingly larger number of progressively younger-aged women suffering from hormonal hair loss. Fifty years ago, genetically related female hair-thinning patterns (also known as androgenetic alopecia) was usually perceived in post-menopausal women. Following menopause, the amount of female sex hormone produced by the ovaries (and the adrenal glands to a lesser extent) diminishes, but testosterone (male hormone) production continues at the same level.

This testosterone reacts with the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase and is converted into the destructive androgen hormone, Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In genetically susceptible women, this may then show as a thinning of scalp hair, sometimes accompanied by excessive facial or body hair, termed 'hirsuitism'.

This type of Androgen Alopecia is responsible for over 80% of all hair loss in men and women. It's estimated that more than one third of all post-menopausal women will now exhibit this condition to some degree.

There are several factors contributing to the exponential rise in the numbers of younger women developing hormone related genetic thinning. One of the main reasons may be the introduction of synthetic hormones used in contraceptives. In addition, modern societies over exposure to fake hormones (xenohormones) may play a role.

Xenohormones are found in almost all plastics, pesticides, adhesives, solvents and motor vehicle emissions, as well as the meat of livestock "bulked up" by hormones and antibiotics. Xenohormones exert hormonal - mainly estrogenic - effects and are suspected of disrupting the hormonal and reproductive capacity of all living creatures and of triggering a number of reproductive and autoimmune disturbances in susceptible persons. Hormonal hair loss may also be sparked by a number of other causes such as increased prolactin levels associated with poly cystic ovarian syndrome, some other physiological disturbance causing her body to produce excessive amounts of male hormone or failure to ovulate in a premenopausal woman.

Severe or prolonged emotional/physiological stress, dieting, or heavy exercise regimes are common reasons for ovulation failure in a premenopausal woman. In addition, following childbirth or the use of certain contraceptive/hormone replacement therapies and the period post-hysterectomy can, in susceptible women, trigger scalp hair thinning in an androgenetic way.

Women who consistently fail to ovulate do not produce enough of the hormone progesterone. In an attempt to compensate for the low progesterone levels the body increases the adrenal glands' production of a steroid hormone termed Androstenedione. Just as in postmenopausal women, androstenedione can exert androgenetic effects in genetically susceptible women, such as thinning of scalp hair, excessive facial or body hair, and 'T-zone' facial oiliness or acne.

Some additional factors causing hair loss are: Inadequate blood circulation - restricts the source of nutrients and oxygen for hair cell production.

  • Nutrition - deficiencies in zinc and iron and other micro-nutrients.
  • Medications - many have side effects, which contribute to hair loss.
  • Medical Problems - hair loss is associated with many diseases and medical disorders including the often-undetected low thyroid function.
  • Stress - it all adds up!

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