Finishing Touches Victoria BC

Once you are pleased with how you feel and how your skin looks, then it's time to put on the  finishing touches to complete your radiant look.

 Professional Teeth Whitening

Enjoy a bright smile with professional Blue Light -Teeth Whitening - You can take advantage of our latest price breakthrough! Our FDA and Health Canada Approved Teeth Whitening System is customized to take into consideration your individual teeth and gum sensitivities, and can make your teeth up to 11 shades whiter in an hour or less. Unlike many other systems available through your dentist, it does not cause lasting tooth sensitivity or dehydrate your tooth pulp.

Custom Blended Ageless Rx Skin Care

We can visibly improve the texture and tonicity of your skin with safe & effective treatments, the best custom blended at home skin care Ageless Rx Cosmeceutical Products and Age Well Rx Orthomolecular Nutritional Supplements, which means you can avoid or delay the risks and costs associated with facelifts and other forms of surgery.

Caress Rx Mineral Makeup - Custom Blended just for you.

Information Coming Soon!

 'Hair Free' -  Liquid Hair Removal 'Non-Wax' System

A European, soy based & very comfortable body temperature liquid hair removal system exclusively available at Age Less Centres in Victoria BC, which does not stick to the skin - only to the hair. Along with Aprés épil - Enzymic Hair Growth Inhibiting Lotion, when combined & performed on a monthly basis, unlike inexpensive, typical wax - creates a significant reduction in hair growth over time while significantly reducing ingrown hair. Ideal for lighter or red hair which does not respond to lasers.

Find Out Why We Are 'The Brazilian Bikini Specialists' in Victoria BC.

Choose the style & shape you wish to sport 'Down Under"

From $49.00

Brow Design & Styling (every 2-4 weeks)

From $49.00 - Allow 30 minutes

Your brows set the expression to your face, allow the "Eyebrow Queen" to give you "perfect arches" to uplift & flatter your features each & every time.

Brow Maintenance (every 2-3 weeks)

From $24.00

Lash & Brow Tinting (once per month)

From $24.00

Results Oriented Facial Add-Ons - To Target Specific Areas

·         Lymphatic Drainage                  $39.00

·         Eye Zone Treatment                  $49.00

·         Lip Zone Treatment                   $39.00

·         Neck & Decollete                        $49.00

·         Anti-Aging Ampoules                $15.00

·         Pain Free - Extractions              $2.00 per minute