Botox & Fillers Victoria BC

Botox & Injectable Facial Fillers - To Inject Or Not To Inject?
What Are Your Options?

After conducting extensive research, & having been approached by several local physicians eager to offer our clients injectable fillers & Botox™, we decided to hold out until we found physicians with extensive training & experience in injectables, physicians whose esthetic philosophies & fairly priced procedures meshed with ours.

We are pleased to introduce you to a local Victoria physician who will assist us to keep you looking your ultimate best. As the former medical director of another medical spa in Victoria BC, Dr. Carole Williams brings her extensive training in skin rejuvenation & years of experience to discerning clients who want an expert injector in Botox Cosmetic for those deeper expression lines & Juvederm skin filler for loss of facial volume & lip augmentation fillers.

With her excellent sense of esthetics, Dr. Williams will assist you in looking your very best. Dr. Williams philosophy resonates well with ours, she does not like to make anyone look artificially over filled or leave them with a frozen look, & as such often will inject in smaller increments over several visits to ensure the most natural, flattering look is achieved. No trout pouts, duck lips, chip monk faces or 'deer in the headlights' stares allowed.

At Age Less, we believe that the artistry of the injector has a lot to do with how natural the person will look. Unfortunately there are many doctors now performing these delicate procedures with minimal training & no, or little, sense of esthetic. The blessing here is that if you are unhappy with the outcome of your last Botox or filler injections, you will just have to be patient, as in usually 3 - 6 months you'll have your old face back.

Cosmetic injectables are a serious investment with possible unhappy outcomes, & as such, you should consider who performs them. The cheapest is not always the best. It rarely ever is!

What If I am Not Interested In Injectables?

Collagen Induction - Helps your skin regrow itself

With the latest in Skin Revision therapies, our paramedical skin revision expert can utilize &/or combine several safe, high-tech modalities to induce your skin to significantly increase its' own collagen production. These remarkable methods are able to greatly diminish the depth of your wrinkles, furrows, pits & scars in only one to four sessions, & without the recurring expense of fractional lasers. The long-term results can be outstanding!

Electro Mesotherapy is another effective skin revision modality often requested, which utilizes state of the art Electroporation to comfortably infuse a customized cocktail of homeopathics, vitamins & amino acid based products to visibly soften your lines & folds while reducing any puffiness around your eyes & diminishing your double chin. Electro-Mesotherapy is also ideal for the reduction of your unwanted localized fat & cellulite.

Expect great results!

Lasting Lip Augmentation - Without Injections - Lip Volumizing Colour Enhancement

If lip injections are absolutely not for you & you want your lips to look brighter, dimensionally fuller & naturally more defined, we have another option for you.

Using the latest, most comfortable Permanent Makeup, Lip Volumizing & Colour Enhancement techniques, along with double intensity pigments & topical anaesthetics, you can expect 5 or more years of attractive & poutier, natural looking lips that you can be proud of for years to come. In fact some of our clients achieve the ultimate mouth by combining permanent makeup with minor injectable filler for a truly envious, gorgeous pout.