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Stretch Mark Therapy

Stretch marks, medically referred to as striae, are tears in the collagen fibres of tissue that occur due to excessive weight gain, growth spurts, pregnancy & steroid use. These unsightly tears start off pinkish-purple and often fade to white. Some experts believe that, besides the above factors, a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet & tissue also contribute to the occurrence of stretch marks.

Until recently, most doctors believed there was nothing to be done to improve the appearance of stretch marks outside of applying vitamins C & A to the affected area. Today, we offer you three effective methods, using Electro-Mesotherapy, Collagen Induction Therapy and Tri-Polar RF Technology, for reducing &/or eliminating stretch marks once and for all. The results can be outstanding. Pricing is calculated based on the size of the area and texture of the skin, therefore, a consultation to asses is required.

Testimonial From The Heart

Body Treatments Testimonial

Lose Weight - Look & Feel Great! With The Ageless Rx - Slim For Life™ Program

Lose 18" - 80" overall in One Session*

This one of a kind multi-dimensional program can easily be incorporated into your busy life, making it possible to become slim while reducing cellulite & increasing your energy, all without radically altering your daily routine.

We won't recommend strenuous workouts, have you eat strange foods, or put you on a starvation diet. At Age Less, we utilize proprietary state-of-the-art technologies and methods such as our Orthomolecular Nutritional & Body Chemistry Analysis.

This test allows us to customize your eating program with foods that appeal to your specific tastes, textures & flavours that you're sure to appreciate & enjoy, making the process of getting slimmer & healthier a pleasant experience.

This unique Analysis determines your levels of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, neurotransmitters, hormones, environmental toxins, parasites, allergens & so much more; along with therapeutic strength nutraceutical & mind-body support products and therapies, all increase your energy and well being while decreasing cellulite and excess fat.

The entire process is very holistic and relaxing. Four customized Spa type treatments are alternated according to your needs for lasting results. A reduction in the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks & broken capillaries are often secondary side effects.

As you integrate your relaxing treatments, with a more personalized way of eating and a healthier way of living, you'll create lasting results!

Prior to initiating one of our individualized Inch Loss programs, a computerized Body Composition Analysis along with a Body Typing Assessment is first conducted. This will accurately identify your body fat percentage (%), lean mass %, hydration levels and the amount of fat the body needs to reduce to reach a target of proper fat to muscle ratio.

This multi-step process, allows us to customize an effective, enjoyable & easy to prepare eating program that includes a variety of delicious flavours, textures & tastes. Certain sensitizing foods, which can negatively affect your particular morphology, may be temporarily eliminated to expedite your results. You'll never feel hungry or deprived.

Step -1 - Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system is one of the most important and yet most neglected systems in the human anatomy. It is the food, oxygen, water delivery and waste disposal system for every cell in the body. Although it contains 2-3 times more fluid than the blood circulatory system, most people have never heard of it.

Dehydration, lack of sleep, tiredness, cold, stress or tension, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle & aging can hinder the movement of lymph fluid. It can also be slowed down by an accumulation of body wastes, effectively increasing the concentration of the fats and other proteins and substances normally dissolved in the lymph. This slow-down of lymph movement and increase in viscosity lead to swelling of legs and arms (edema) and a feeling of tiredness and heaviness in the limbs as well as more obvious cellulite. It also causes cells to become dry, poisoned by their own wastes, lose cellular functions and ultimately calcify and give indications of old age such as atrophy and degeneration.

By increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid, cellular waste is removed faster, metabolism increases, and the cells of the body, such as the skin, can regenerate and rejuvenate themselves.

Manual lymph drainage is feels nice but requires several sessions on a weekly basis, over many months, to obtain the desired results. The Age Less Computerized Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage technique allows for a truly customized in-depth yet comfortable treatment requiring considerably fewer sessions to obtain maximum impact, thus saving you time & money.

Step - 1 - Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage - Opens up the elimination pathways by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluid, expediting the removal of cellular waste, increasing metabolism while regenerating and rejuvenating skin & body cells. The Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage technique allows for a truly customized in-depth yet comfortable treatment.

Step - 2 - Reduce-A-Wrap™ The exclusive Reduce-A-Wrap™ treatment utilizes wide bandages soaked in a proprietary solution of over 100 natural ingredients such as anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, along with vitamins & passive exercise, to increase your energy while reducing the metabolic waste in your fat cells, and all while lying in a relaxing treatment bed for 45 minutes. When combined with Lymphatic Drainage most clients lose well over 18``overall.

Step - 3 - Body Contouring with Tri-Polar RF Technology to further target any stubborn fatty areas, assisting to liquify fat cells while tightening your skin. A series of these relaxing 30 minute treatments will enhance your shape without pain or down time.

Step - 4 - Slim Toning treatments utilize strategically placed conductive gel pads, which are attached to a high tech machine that provides many customized options for dealing with the various types of tissues. By using different wave shapes & various fitness levels to create a gentle but effective torsion & contraction of the muscles being treated to reduce fatty tissue under the muscles, providing more definition & reducing your cellulite once you are close to your ideal body weight.

Step - 5 - Whole Body Vibration with Magnetics is also available. 15 minutes 3 times per week on this passive vibrational platform is all it takes. No soreness! No fatigue!

Find out why clients refer to this unique program as "liposuction without surgery'.