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Your skin is your largest filtering organ & thus reflects what is going on inside of you. If there are any imbalances or stressors occurring due to metabolic syndrome, declining or imbalanced hormones, impaired digestion processes, constipation, food allergies, congested liver, kidneys, lungs or lymph; if you’ve had excessive or repetitive environmental exposure, are on medications or inherited your ‘mothers’ body & skin.

Then it would be wise to have an Orthomolecular Nutritional & Body Chemistry Analysis performed to determine how some, or all, of the above factors can be addressed through customized Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Counseling (BHRT) and / or customized nutritional & life style adjustments so that your investment in therapeutic body & skin treatments is supported & lasting.

The ‘Ultimate BODY CARESS Rx Restorative Treatment’ - A combination of the above. Price by consultation only. The Ultimate In Non-Surgical Body Shaping Treatments.

After a professional body evaluation the most beneficial BODY CARESS Rx protocols & customized, therapeutic products will be recommended. Depending on your objectives & concerns, a series of these specialized body-shaping treatments may be required for maximum & lasting results. Your Anti-Aging Body Specialist will provide you with the most effective recommendations for visible & lasting results. Allow 60 – 75 mins. All From: $110.00

CARESS Rx Body Quench – For body skin that is excessively dry due to aging & environmental exposure, this caressing treatment is a ‘deep drink of water’. After a gentle polishing, a soothing application of hydrating serum follows. You are then enveloped in a cocoon like wrap while bone melting Infra Red heat stimulates a deep penetration of actives to ensure increased skin elasticity. Finally, your skin is caressed with refreshing vitamins, amino acids, & a super antioxidant enriched Oxygen Infusion.

CARESS Rx Body Lift – When a surgical Breast, Buttock or Abdominal Up--lift is out of the question, yet your muscles are losing their tone & a more uplifted look is what you need - this state of the art body treatment is for you. Utilizing sophisticated Micro-Current technology with specific wave shapes, this lifting & caressing treatment re-energizes your pectoral, gluteal &/or abdominal muscles by increasing their electrical charge & cellular memory to give your muscles an immediate - visibly firmer, & more uplifted look.

CARESS Rx Body Tighten – When your skin is starting to show laxity, or stretch marks are a problem & your body contours are becoming less defined, this specialized skin tightening/ fat reducing high tech protocol is for you. Utilizing third generation Radio Frequency technology or European Deep Herbal Peels this caressing treatment will give you visible skin tightening & firming results that are lasting when the appropriate series of treatments are performed.

CARESS Rx Body Lighten – When skin discolourations from sun exposure or skin growths such as actinic keratosis become bothersome; this targeted high tech, customized skin lightening treatment will dramatically even out your body skins imperfections. Utilizing a variety of technologies such as radio frequencies, targeted cryogenic therapy, Intense Pulsed Light combined with customized serums for impressive visible results.

CARESS Rx Body Refine - When congested &/or inflamed pores need relief - whether they have blackheads, white heads, or acne flare ups, this deep pore cleansing & healing treatment is for you. The use of European Deep Herbal Peels, specialized masques, Radio Frequencies, Light & Heat Laser technology, Photo Modulation or Micro-dermabrasion may be utilized to reduce scarring & provide you with body skin that is calm & breathes again. Customized at home care & nutritional supplementation will be recommended to improve the function of your skin long term.

CARESS Rx Body Reduce – If excess volume such as protruding abdomen, saddlebags, love handles etc., are bothersome, & lypo suction is not an alternative, Diathermie RF &/or Electro-Mesotherapy technologies may be successfully combined to visibly reduce unwanted volume in problematic areas while keeping your body skin tight & firm.

CARESS Rx Body Slim – If excessive overall body weight has been a struggle, our exclusive customized Rapid Slim Program will assist you to balance cravings, blood sugar & energy levels through Body Composition Analysis, Bio-Energetic Orthomolecular /Nutritional & Body Chemistry Assessment, Customized eating, supplementation & internal cleansing program, Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage, Lypo Flush Wraps & Reduce-A-Wraps. You are guaranteed to lose 18 – 80 inches after the very first session.

CARESS Rx Anti Leg Veins – If you’ve been struggling with purple or red broken capillaries on your legs, this comfortable but targeted high technology therapy utilizing Radio Frequencies along with custom blended vascular strengthening leg serums provides you with outstanding results. A series of 3 – 4 sessions per area, three to four weeks apart may be required for the best long-term results.

CARESS Rx Body – Anti Fluid Retention – When flabby, water retentive cellulite, or excessive fluid retention are a concern in any body area, a series of 6 relaxing, Synchronized Lymphatic Drainage treatments performed weekly are customized to your individual needs to greatly alleviate & reduce swelling while increasing blood oxygenation improving your skins’ texture & firmness.

CARESS Rx Body Smooth – When cellulite seems to be taking over, then one or more of these outstanding results driven - high technology treatments are for you. Depending on the type of cellulite (three types of cellulite have been identified) & which of four stages it is at, a series of Lipothermie RF, Electro Mesotherapy, Endermologie, Ultasounds, Micro-Currents, Infra Red Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage & Customized Wraps along with customized internal cleansing & nutrition will give you profound results.

CARESS Rx Body Retexturizing – When surgical scars are raised or rubbery & other scars have left textural changes & discolourations we can perform effective scar revision therapies that will minimize your concerns. Several modalities can be utilized to provide you with excellent improvements.

CARESS Rx Tattoo Removal – If your tattoos have become regrets, we can effectively & comfortably fade or remove your unwanted body art utilizing three specialized modalities, such as; Laser, Cryogenic Therapy or Mechanical Removal.

The ‘Ultimate BODY CARESS Rx Restorative Treatment’

If you find that your body is exhibiting several of the above signs, key elements from several BODY CARESS Rx Treatments can be combined for the ‘ultimate’ restorative, body shaping experience.

Price to be determined at time of consultation.

Your Results Are Important To Us

To record your progress, where appropriate a Thermographic Cellulite Scan, Body Composition Analysis, and measurements as well as before & after photos are taken.
Allow our team of expert Anti-Aging Body Specialists to take care of your needs.

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