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To Inject 'Pharmaceutical' Fillers - Or Not To Inject?

That Is The Question!

As we believe in offering our clients only results focused treatments that are lasting, we have elected not to offer injectable fillers such as Hylaform™, Cosmoderm™, Restylane™ & Perlane™ etc., as these costly pharmaceutical injectable fillers provide temporary improvements, usually lasting only 3-6 months; making them an expensive form of 'rejuvenation' that very few can afford long term.

After conducting extensive research, & having been approached by several local physicians eager to augment their income by offering our clients their injectable services, or paralytics, such as Botox™, we've said NO! as the jury is still out on their long-term safety.

Alternatives To Pharmaceutical Injectables & Skin Fillers

Collagen Induction/Skin Revision Therapies with the latest in Skin Revision therapies. We can utilize &/or combine several safe, high-tech modalities to induce your skin to significantly increase its' own collagen production. These remarkable methods are able to greatly diminish the depth of your wrinkles, furrows, pits & scars in only one to four sessions, & without the recurring expense of Fractional Lasers or skin fillers.

Electro-Mesotherapy is another effective skin revision modality often requested, which utilizes state of the art Electroporation to comfortably deliver a customized cocktail of homeopathics, vitamins & amino acid based products to visibly soften your lines & folds while reducing any puffiness around your eyes & diminishing your double chin. Electro-Mesotherapy is also ideal for the reduction of your unwanted localized fat & cellulite!

No down time, No side effects - Just great results!

Lasting Lip Augmentation - Without Injections

Now you can avoid the dreaded "Trout Pout" (overfilled upper lip) or "Duck Lips" look (Overfilled around the edges without inner volume) & eliminate the need for costly lip filling injections every 4 months by having your lips made brighter, dimensionally fuller & naturally more defined, using the latest, most comfortable Permanent Makeup application technologies with double intensity pigments & topical anesthetics for 5+ years of lasting results.

Resurfacing European Deep Herbal Peels - With the Ageless Skin Rx European Deep Herbal Peels, we can safely & effectively diminish your acne scars, surface lines & deeper wrinkles of the face without pain & virtually no downtime. These exclusive two-part therapeutic treatments are performed 4-5 days apart.

The first treatment, using a proprietary blend of herbs, is massaged into the skin in a specific manner to stimulate blood flow giving the skin a light sun burned sensation which lasts a couple of days prior to surface cells beginning to shed. In the meantime your collagen fibres are stimulated & increase in density,(why this is so effective at treating stretch marks).

At the follow-up session - a few days later, the shedding surface cells are gently removed & the newly emerged fresh cells are deeply hydrated & nourished, using specialized serums & masks. Your skin will immediately look smoother & seriously moist.

The results continue to increase over the next 30 days as the skins' natural cellular turn over takes place. A series of Ageless Skin Rx Deep Herbal Peels can be performed every 30 days or further apart to maximize your results.

Custom Blended Skin Care - For Truly Visible Results!

Your Skin Isn't like Anyone Else’s - Why Should Your Skin Care Be? The Ageless Rx - Cosmeceutical Facial Care Program has been scientifically formulated with active botanical bases using stronger concentrations of the purest - essential fatty acids, anti-inflammatories, intensified vitamins & essential oils, organic botanicals, penta & hexa peptides & nano technology delivery systems offering you the latest skin rejuvenating ingredients to create a perfect balance of moisture, lipids and nutrients to balance every skin type & condition.

To maximize your results, customized internal supplementation is also recommended to nourish your skin from the inside out.

Unlike over the counter formulations, a visible increase in resilience, firmness, hydration and glow become evident within the first few days of use. Find out why we continue to custom blend & ship this amazing skin care program to many discriminating clients who've moved out of the country.

Because your skin is as individual as you are, we combine additional active ingredients into your bases such as intensified vitamins, herbs, amino acids and humectants, to further assist you with inflammation, hormonal declines, acne flare- ups, dehydration, loss of tone, lines and pigmentation.

These exceptional formulas include a concentrated & large array of the latest and most active ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C-Ester, Co-Q10 Enzyme and phyto-estrogens, organic grape seed extract, Sea Buckthorne Berry Oil, amongst many others. To prolong the desired results of your professional skin rejuvenation therapies, only the best will do….

Ageless Skin Rx Mineral Cosmeceuticals - 'The Ultimate In Personalized Skin Nourishment