Pure Mineral Makeup Victoria BC

Caress Rx Mineral Makeup, Vitamin Enriched and Custom Blended Foundations

Caress  Rx Custom Blended Mineral Makeup is a unique and healthy complete mineral makeup line infused with botanicals, minerals and vitamins to benefit your healthy skin, available exclusively at Age Less Centre in Victoria BC.

Enriched with essential herbs such as soothing Chamomile, anti-inflammatory/anti-oxidant Green Tea, stimulating Ginseng, circulation promoting Ginko Biloba and collagen stimulating amino acid and mineral  rich Aloe Vera. Powerful anti-oxidant vitamins such as A, C, D, and E all assist in improving your skins elasticity and assisting to reduce the signs of aging. Available exclusively at Age Less Centre in Victoria BC.

Offering you a complete range of colour cosmetics available exclusively in Victoria BC, such as: Skin corrective creamy concealers, Skin Luminizing Foundations, herbal blushers and shadows, volume boosting lip glosses, hydrating, lasting lipsticks and lip liners and eye liners along with herbal lengthening and/or thickening mascaras and everything for perfect brows in a wide array of gorgeous colours to suit your very individual colouring.

Other favourite cosmetic products available in Victoria BC include our exclusive Custom Blended 100% Pure Mineral Makeup and Bronzers, comprised of silky, micronized 100% pure minerals to create a beautiful, healthy and sheer cover up that reduces inflammation and the size of your pores, minimizing skin imperfections without that chalky look.

This exclusive pure mineral makeup collection allows your skin to breath, while providing UV Protection and sheer to maximum coverage. With our oil absorbing, Loose Finishing Rice Powder and Oil Blotting Paper Tissues, even skin with excessive oil and stubborn shine can be kept under control, for the healthy and flawless look you deserve!

Caress Rx Custom Blended Mineral Makeup, available in Victoria BC, is an exclusive and full range of healthy makeup products to enhance your 'timeless face'.

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