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Spalife Magazine - Presents us with its'

Outstanding Spas Award.

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"Most Proactive Canadian Medi-Spa for Breast Cancer Prevention"

Spa Life Magazine awards its first ’Excellence in Customer Care’ Awards. The merits of the award are not monetary, or architectural, they are based on over-and-above attentive service. Editor Mary Hughes has visited countless spas across Canada and has discovered certain things that, in her opinion, make a definite impression.

The vision at Age Less Laser Centres is to provide clients in Victoria BC, with a total anti-aging, wellness facility, and in that vision believes the age old adage, that ’prevention is the best medicine’.

Age Less offers clients a non-radiating, non-compressive breast screening method - the CRT Scan, (Contact Regulation Thermography), which can be used as an adjunct to traditional screening methods. It is a safe and effective German technology, with over 25 years of scientific data and clinical support, which, besides measuring 26 specific points on the breasts, also measures 96 additional points on your body.

Thermography can be used successfully in conjunction with other methods to help identify potential for disease patterns in their very early or advanced stages; allowing women, men and children, to be more holistically proactive in maintaining breast and overall health.