Permanent Makeup – Further Reading

Permanent Makeup - Further Reading

Are You Tired Of Always Needing to Apply Eye Liner, Lip Liner & Penciling In Your Eyebrows?

Looking for a medispa in Victoria, BC that is renowned for their nearly pain free, creatively used long-term eye liner, eyebrows and lip liner procedures that can last up to 5 years or longer?

Age Less Laser Centre makes use of the very best in European innovations with personalized combined mineral based pigments & the ultimate in topical anesthetics to boost your natural appeal for several years to come.

Enjoy waking up with your makeup!

Exactly what You Should Know:

Micro-pigmentation is a severe treatment, where the skins' surface is penetrated, pigments are implanted and some blood loss could take place. It is important that the lowest cost NOT be THE choosing aspect for proceeding. When terribly used, you need numerous therapies to get rid of the unwanted pigment, typically needing the use of pricey, customized lasers. And where the eyes are concerned, lasers are not even a choice.

Not all approaches of doing permanent makeup are the same, and the training, experience & skills of the therapists vary considerably, so make sure to ask the following:.

Any testimonials and prior to & after pictures.

Exactly how long has the therapist been doing this work?

Where did they take their preliminary training/was it a signed up organization, that offered Accreditation - using live models? Or did they take a video course & practice on pigs ears, banana peels or artificial rubber skin?

How long was the training? (a few hours, a weekend course, a week long course.

Have they remained to take any further innovative training?

What about sanitation & sanitation approaches - Is everything a one time use? You can't be too safe these days!

Exactly what sort of pigments are being used? Are they FDA authorized & do they custom blend them or make use of one color straight out of a bottle?

Exactly what is the discomfort elements? Do they utilize any anesthetics? If so what type are they & how are they being used? Injected anesthetics can only legitimately be used in a dentist or physicians workplace & oral gel anesthetics are not appropriate for the eye area.

Ask if they had any art or make-up artistry training prior to choosing to provide long-term cosmetics; their ability to understand shape, percentage, proportion & color theory in addition to exactly how colors establish & alter under the various complexion are incredibly essential to a proper treatment - when you see women with blue eyebrows it is usually due to the fact that black & white pigments were combined together to try to get charcoal however due to the hemoglobin in our blood it turns the colors blue(those with proper training understand this).

What kind & range of equipment do they use? Beware of those making use of just economical, non reusable, plastic, and battery operated cordless pens, as this equipment is unable to provide pigment consistently to the facial layer of the skin, and therefore the pigment fades within 1-2 years. Many of these procedures are now being described as 'Semi-Permanent Makeup'. Why would you want to spend the exact same quantity of money just to have the pigment disappear in a short period of time?