Laser Hair Removal – Further reading

What Sort of Training Have Their Laser Providers Taken?

You also need to ask what kind of training their laser therapists or technicians have had; if it was strictly the refresher course supplied by equipment producers or was it from a recognized source? It is vitally important that any laser technician truly understand how the various skin kinds, ethnic background, intrinsic & external maturing procedures, any skin issue as well as the negative side effects of photo sensitizing medications & products all influence the choices made by your laser therapy provider. As an astute consumer, make certain to ask about the above factors in addition to which types of lasers they utilize. This is far more important than the brand of the lasers they are making use of. Remember, each manufacturer thinks their lasers are the best.

How Far Apart Should Your Therapies Be?

It is likewise essential to ask how far apart your laser hair removal sessions will be. Beware of facilities showing 4 weeks between each of your laser appointments, no matter which facial or body areas are being treated. As hair development cycles differ with each location, it is necessary to understand that the proper spacing between each visit will give you the best outcome. Having monthly treatments for some body areas will not expedite your outcome, it'll just cost you more money.

Over the years, we have received numerous calls from individuals aggravated "after the fact" as their results were not occurring as originally stated at their preliminary consultation. Lots of people are being informed that in only 4 sessions they will be done. This just isn't true for all people as so many factors and variables affect how many laser sessions each individual will need. Upon voicing their issues, they are generally informed they are a "hard case" & require a few more sessions.

Our experience, as Victoria's Hair Removal Specialists, has shown us that the typical individual with tawny skin and often tawny hair is most normal in our demographics and as such can take considerably longer to get optimal outcomes.

When Can Hair Be Killed?

Timing is very important when having laser hair removal performed, specifically in the beginning of your laser hair removal series; as hairs can only be killed or disabled throughout the anagen-- development phase - of your follicles & this stage, together with two others, is regularly cycling every 12 to 14 weeks depending upon the areas being dealt with. Receiving consistent hair removal treatments (anywhere from 3 - 12 week intervals depending upon the area) is the trick to your success.

What We Offer You

We offer you a well appointed centre here in gorgeous Victoria, BC with expert & caring therapists who provide you with really personalized laser hair removal treatments. For your additional benefit, & so you don't have to take some time off from work for your laser hair removal appointments, we are open until 6 PM Tuesdays thru Saturdays.

Why Select Personalized Therapies?

It is likewise extremely vital that your centre of choice provide more than one type of laser for laser hair removal in Victoria BC, so that they can effectively tailor your laser hair removal treatments as the colour & thickness of your unwanted hair commonly ends up being lighter & finer with successive laser hair removal sessions, facilitating the use of different laser methods to continue to efficiently treat the balance of your unwanted hair. All these elements can affect the success of your laser hair removal. Only when you have all the pertinent information can you truly make an enlightened decision about undergoing laser hair removal.

For the reliable removal of extreme undesirable facial and body hair, Age Less Laser Centres offers Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal. These exceptional methods might be advised individually or in combination to efficiently treat most hair and skin colors on both men and women in a personalized fashion without discomfort.