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If you find that your skin is exhibiting several of the above signs of aging, key elements from several SKIN PERFECT RX Skin Treatment modalities can be combined (at a Special Package Price) for the ‘ultimate’ restorative, skin rejuvenation experience.


Skin Scope Analysis-allows both you and your therapist to see what your skinVisia Skin Analysis is doing at a deeper level. Usually performed at your FREE Skin Consultation with specific customized product recommendations.

VISIA –In-depth Complexion Analysis-by using a state of the art skin scanner, we are able to obtain an in-depth view of the skin at 5 different levels as well as determine the health of your skin on a computer screen while recording your skins improvements every step of the way with before & after photos. With this system we are able to quantify how your customized skin products and treatments are benefiting you.


To Further Customize Your Skin Corrective- Rejuvenation Procedures

Each SKIN PERFECT RX Skin Rejuvenation Therapeutic skin treatment is custom created to suit your skin’s ever-changing needs. Depending on your skins specific needs, your ultimate goals & additional available time, your SKIN PERFECT RX skin treatment can be further customized to include one or more of the following at specially arranged advantageous pricing- see below.

Aromatic Herbal Towels - custom herbs or essential oil blends are added to steam towels to increase effectiveness while softening dead surface cells – allow an extra 10 mins. (Included where appropriate)

Ultra Sonic – Deep Pore Cleansing-used with some of the deep cleansing emulsions to maximize their effectiveness. Provides a soft stimulation & energizes your cells while gently removing dead surface cells and excess oils etc – Allow an extra 15 mins.

Disencrustation-to further melt hardened sebum & blackheads - Allow an extra 15 mins. From 45.00

Extractions-preformed with Q-tips or gentle pore suction so as not to be painful. Only when needed.- Allow an extra 15 mins. $2.00/min

Eye Treatment- customized to nourish & firm the delicate eye area or to de-puff & reduce dark circles. From 65.00

Lip Treatment – Customized to smooth and firm textured upper lip skin. From 55.00

Hand and Arm Massage-to enhance your relaxation during the masque. (Included with Masque)

Neck & Décolleté Restructuring Treatment- customized to revitalize, strengthen and smooth this delicate area (as appropriate) From 99.00

Protective Day or Night Treatment Cream- (as appropriate)a customized cream to further enhance the facial’s action for the rest of the day or to prevent moisture loss while you sleep. (Included)

Protective Sunscreen – Your daytime treatments will be completed with an application of Vit C Infused / Antioxidant Enriched - Sun Screen SPF 30. (Included)

Ampoule Vial Serum-highly concentrated active ingredients in varying formulas can be added to target your specific skin problems for restorative improvements. Usually applied under a treatment masque for maximum penetration. From 25.00

Active Customized Masques- We offer a selection of over 16 active masks such as thermal & Collagen Lift-Off, as well as gel & mud masks for specific treatments – Allow an extra 15 mins. From 20.00

Customized Chirally Correct &/or Designer Peels-these no down time peels are performed as an individual series of treatments or combined with specific, clinical facial treatments to increase skin’s permeability and elasticity while decreasing surface imperfections by reducing lines, enlarged pores and sun damage as well as other skin discolourations. Also effective for arms, hands and neck & décolleté suffering from accumulated sun damage - Allow an extra 15 mins per area. From 99.00

Lymphatic Drainage-gentle suction applied in a gliding motion. Used to drain the lymph and/or relieve facial & eye area congestion and puffiness while increasing oxygen to the skin- Allow an extra 15 mins. From 99.00

Ultra-Sound-may be used to gently yet deeply penetrate products into the skin more effectively – Allow an extra 15 minutes-From 99.00

Oxygen Infusion Therapy-increases healing, kills bacteria, is soothing & cooling. This is a brand new technology utilizing a fine oxygen mist with a cocktail blend of special vitamin rich serums. Your skin feels rejuvenated, deeply refreshed and glowing! An absolute must ad-on to any peel or skin treatment. Allow an extra 15 mins. From 99.00

Photo Pulsation (Photo Facial) Therapy- A painless Super Luminous Light Emitting Diode Panel, allowing us to target pigmentation, rosacea, acne and aging skin conditions. Photo rejuvenation increases the ATP production in the mitochondria of the cells, promoting elasticity and collagen formation for visibly smoother & firmer skin – Allow an extra 30 mins. From 99.00

Microdermabrasion-using micro fine, diamond encrusted heads on a gentle suction vacuum wand, to remove the surface layer of dead skin cells and debris. Also assists in moving lymph fluids to diminish puffiness in the face – Allow an extra 15 mins. From 99.00

Micro Current Face Lifting as Seen on Oprah – used to "reprogram" muscles to contract & expand for visible, immediate, lifting results while greatly increasing hydration & collagen synthesis. A relaxing series of sessions, every two weeks for eight weeks, will provide long-term, visible results.

LHE / IPL – To target inflamed, acneic skins breakouts and gently destroy the P Acnes bacteria. From 99.00

IPL Photo Facial-– uses a laser type Intense Pulsed Light technology & a series of sessions to reduce the visible signs of sun damage, time, and rosacea. Wrinkles, blotchy skin colour, enlarged pore size and loss of elasticity will all be improved with this technology.

– Allow a minimum of 15 mins.  From 175.00

Electro Mesotherapy – A deep penetration of homeopathic herbal concentrates and vitamin rich formulas to decrease excess volume, sagging & wrinkles using electroporation – Allow an extra 30 mins. From 299.00

Tri Polar RF – A soothing third generation Radio Frequency Technology that tightens skin, reduces excess volume & improves facial contours- Allow an extra 30 mins.         From 399.00

Collagen Induction – Utilizing three methods of micro needling to effectively address, deep line, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne scars, pock marks, piercings and skin laxity.   From 399.00

Skin Growth Control – Utilizing RF, Cryogen and laser technologies to effectively clear skin of benign skin growths. From 120.00