Facelift/Facial Treatments

If you're looking for specialized facial treatments in Victoria BC, we offer you unique, state of the art, results focused options.

Your skin ages at three different levels - Epidermis, Dermis & Basal Cell Layers and for 2 different reasons Intrinsic (Genetic) & Extrinsic (Environmental) Aging factors. As such, we at Age Less Laser Centres understand that, to provide our discerning clients with the best possible, longest lasting, laser treatment for face, non surgical, results based Facelift treatments, that a wide range of evidence based, customized products and technologies must be utilized to achieve the impressive results that have become our hallmark over the past 18 years.

After a comprehensive state of the art Digital Skin Scanner Analysis session, in which your skin is measured at 5 different levels, you will see for yourself how your skin is aging. Depending on your concerns and objectives, one of our skin experts will design a customized series of relaxing yet targeted treatments combining the most beneficial and effective high tech modalities. Because everyone is short on time, these high tech laser Facelift treatment for face can be delivered in 45 minutes or less.

Our exclusive custom blended at-home-skincare - CosMEDermal Bio-Active Skin Mixology combined with customized internal supplementation (upon choosing to have a Body Chemistry Analysis), will ensure your best possible outcome.  As the condition of your outer skin is often a reflection of your inner health, we coach our clients on the best ways to age gracefully - from the inside out and the outside in, so that you can experience more lasting and very gratifying results.

We offer you over 30 years of expertise with our commitment to continued advanced training in holistic skin and body health.

If any of the following conditions concern you, then we have relaxing non-surgical, solutions you’ll love.

Broken Capillaries / Rosacea / Cherry Angiomas / Skin Tags / Loss of Muscle Tone / Excessive Fatty Areas / Devitalized Asphyxiated Skin / Enlarged Pores / Coarse Skin / Acne / Age Spots / Sun Damage / Blemishes /  Lines / Wrinkles / Puffiness / Loss of Skin Firmness

If Your Skin Type Is:  Normal, Dry, Dehydrated, Combination, Oily, Acneic

If Your Skin Conditions Are: Mature, Glycated, Wrinkles, Sagging, Couperose, Rosacea, Suns Spots, Melasma, Eczema

The Ultimate In Age Defying ‘Facial Rejuvenation – Skin Corrective’

SKIN PERFECT RX Facial Treatments & Laser Facelift Treatment For Face

When you experience any of our exclusive SKIN PERFECT Rx Therapeutic Facial Care treatments, you can expect clinical results in a relaxing atmosphere in 45 minutes or less. When long lasting, corrective results are your goal, a customized series of these skin enhancing treatments performed once to twice weekly  or one to three months apart (Collagen Induction) depending on your needs & on the protocol, will provide you with the most lasting benefits. To further enhance your results, custom blended serums, warm towels & customized hydration are all part of your SKIN PERFECT RX Skin treatments experience. At your expert Skin Scan Analysis session the most appropriate facial treatment(s) and Cosmeceutical at home care that will best address your objectives and concerns will be outlined for your consideration. Special Package Pricing is available.

To see if you are a candidate for any of our services please call our office today for more details  778-433-8300

SKIN PERFECT RX Smooth – “Collagen Induction

– When Botox & Injectable fillers are not an option, yet your lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores or acne scars are an issue, one of these outstanding results driven, minimally invasive treatments may be for you. After the application of an effective numbing cream, one of three specialized machines and techniques can be utilized to target your problematic areas, stimulating or "inducing" your own skin to grow more collagen.  Temporary camouflaging makeup while your skin normalizes over 3 - 5 days is all that is needed to be seen in public. Visible improvements are seen within one week, and your skin will continue to improve for up to six months.  The results tend to be more lasting than injectable fillers which are absorbed by the body in a few short months. When additional lasting improvements are desired on the deeper lines and texture, a customized mini series of sessions can take place anywhere between 1 and 4 months.  Priced per area.    From $499


– For skin in desperate need of hydration, this facial is a ‘deep drink of water’. After a gentle Ultrasonic Polishing, an Oxygen Infusion enriched with a refreshing vitamin, amino acids, & super antioxidants.  This is completed with Ultrasounds to deeply penetrate anti aging, hydrating serums  ensuring a lasting glow.    From $175


– When a face-lift is out of the question, yet your facial muscles are losing their tone & a more uplifted look is what you need - this state of the art muscle energizing, skin rejuvenation treatment is for you. Utilizing sophisticated Micro-Current technology  (As seen on Oprah) this lifting & firming treatment re energizes facial muscles by increasing ATP in your cells' mitochondria to give you an immediate - visibly fresher, & more uplifted look.   From $175


– When your skin is starting to show laxity & your facial contours are becoming less defined, this specialized skin tightening/ fat reducing high tech facial is for you. Utilizing third generation Radio Frequency technology, this soothing treatment will give you visible firming results that are lasting when the correct number of sessions are performed, which will differ depending on your skins condition, your age and your goals.    From $399


– When skin discolourations from sun exposure or hormonal changes become bothersome; this proprietary high tech, customized skin lightening treatment will dramatically even out your skins’ clarity. Ultrasounds along with custom blended Chirally Correct Peels, Serums, Masques & Hydrators are combined for impressive, visible results.    From $199


– If excess facial volume such as a double chin, fatty eye lids etc., is bothersome, & lipo suction is not an alternative Tri Polar RF &/or Electro-Mesotherapy technologies can be successfully combined to visibly reduce volume while keeping the skin tight & firm.    From $249


– If you’ve been struggling with persistent flushing, redness, Rosacea &/or broken capillaries, a combination of several high technologies, such as IPL, Photo Pulsation &/or Radio Frequency with custom blended vascular strengthening, collagen promoting serums, masques & hydrators are utilized. From $175


– When congested &/or inflamed pores need relief - Light & Heat Laser technology, Photo Modulation, Microdermabrasion & Radio Frequency can be utilized along with customized at home care to improve the function of your skin. Results can be dramatic without medication.    From $175


– When puffiness due to fluid retention is a concern, lympho-biodermie technology will greatly alleviate puffiness & reduce swelling while increasing oxygenation & firmness. A deep penetration of highly active nutritive serums will increase your skins resilience.    From $149

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