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Protect Your Skin From The Forces Of Aging

Your skin is your largest organ, and protects your internal body from bacterial invasions. The over exposure to sun, wind, cold and centrally heated rooms, as well as an accumulation of toxins and impurities from foods, water and air and a less than optimal nutrient intake, all contribute to an increase in inflammation, the appearance of skin growths such as skin tags, actinic keratosis, cherry dots & keratinized dead surface cells - 'flakiness' in your uppermost layer of skin.

Loss of hormones and environmental exposure also contribute to the decrease of your moisture & lipid reservoirs & as well as in your collagen break down - thereby significantly slowing down your cellular renewal process so that accelerated aging of your skin occurs.

Why Ask For Our Help?

  • Besides taking on-going advanced training from other experts worldwide, we are members in good standing of the Academy of Dermatology-Skin Care Specialists. An American organization for Skin Care Specialists dedicated to compiling up to the minute pertinent information & research which keeps us updated on 'the Good, the Bad & the Ugly' of medical & holistic skin care techniques, products & equipment. By staying on top of the latest scientific advancements in skin rejuvenation technologies & techniques and continuing to expand our knowledge of the anti-aging benefits of botanicals & vitamins, along with the benefits of precise nutrition to the cellular level & proper internal cleansing; we have been able to significantly rejuvenate your skin on all three levels - the epidermal, dermal & muscular levels with natural & lasting results.
  • Our well trained Skin Therapists will assess your concerns & customize an effective, affordable results focused treatment program which may combine one or more of the following proven modalities:
  • Ultrasonic Facials -Powerful but Gentle Inflammation Reducing / Micro-Cavitational Technology - ideal for sensitive & maturing skins requiring deep cleansing glow.
  • Medical-Microdermabrasion -Skin Resurfacing w Diamond Tipped heads & gentle suction combined with chirally correct Skin Fitness Peels, serums, masks & hydration.
  • Lymphatic Drainage - To Reduce Excess Puffiness & Increase Oxygenation
  • Collagen Induction Therapy / Grow Your Own Collagen - No More Costly Injectables!
  • RF - Facial Sculpting Therapies ( Pain-Free, Third Generation "Thermage")
  • Age Defying / Non-Surgical Face Lifting - Gently Re-energize Your Muscles for lasting lift.
  • Electro Meso-Firming Facials -Deep Penetration of Actives to restore elasticity & more.
  • Photo Pulsation Therapy - Super Luminous Light Emitting Diode-Custom Colour Panels
  • IPL-Photo-Rejuvenation or Photo-Facials - Laser Type Technology for Redness, Pigment, lines, acne etc.
  • Oxygen Vitamin Infusions -Pressurized Oxygen Infused with Minerals, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins & Anti-Oxidants.
  • Skin Revision Therapies - Effective & Comfortable Removal of Benign Skin Abnormalities - Skin Tags, some Moles, Cherry Dots, Keratosis, Broken Capillaries (face & legs), Fatty Deposits & more.
  • Expertly Applied / Permanent Make-Up - Enhance your natural features or Correct certain scars, discolourations etc. on face or body.
  • Deep Herbal Peels and/or Chirally Correct Skin Fitness Peels

These state of the art protocols can visibly reduce most skin imperfections, gently and effectively.

So call us today at 778-433-8300 to schedule your personal consultation for Skin Rejuvenation at every level.

Epidermal Rejuvenation

At the epidermal level (the outermost layer of your skin), we offer you up to 15 professional modalities including a selection of herbal, enzymic, chiral, chemical and mechanical methods to gently but deeply exfoliate dead surface layers allowing your skin to better absorb highly active ingredients; stimulating fibroblasts to produce tighter & firmer collagen at the basal layers; encouraging your complexion to be visibly smoother & brighter.

Dermal Rejuvenation

The deeper infusion of active ingredients & tissue stimulation increases your collagen synthesis promoting faster regeneration in pigmentation, broken capillaries, wrinkles & acne scars at the dermal level, (the second layer of your skin), as well as any stretch marks from various body areas.

With customized methods of lymphatic drainage, we are able to reduce overall excessive facial puffiness, including around the more delicate eye area; removing toxins & increasing oxygenation to the skin. Using third generation Radio Frequency Technology (Instead of painful Thermage), as well as Light Based Technologies we can painlessly, tighten your pores, smooth your wrinkles & sculpt your face, neck & body for a truly youthful & firmer look.

Muscular Rejuvenation

Lastly, by applying specific micronized currents to strategic areas of your facial muscles, we are able to re-educate these muscles, over a series of relaxing sessions, so that they remember to expand and contract at a more youthful level. After a relaxing customized series your muscle tonicity is increased for up to 18 months - for the ultimate in non-surgical facial lifting. [As seen on Oprah]

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Testimonials From The Heart

"Thank you so much for helping my damaged skin heal. My eyes & cheeks were so sore after our ski trip & your creams & customized therapies brought life back to my poor skin. I always enjoy my treatments & feel so much healthier & happier when I leave. Thanks again for your loving care. I'll keep coming back." Pamela Pack

"Over exposure to the elements had taken away some of my skin's suppleness and resiliency. After a specialized series of your Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation treatments along with your Custom Blended Skin Care, my skin looks absolutely terrific! It's great to know you can look better as you get older. Thanks so much!" Carol Bulger

"I'm absolutely amazed! After only one Suddenly Radiant Slimming Facial, the excess fat and loose skin around my jaw line and neck has practically disappeared. My friends tell me I look 15 years younger and asked if I'd had a facelift. My skin is also much firmer and smoother. I'm looking forward to more sessions." Sarah Cox, Senior Citizen

"I want to let you know how happy I am with the results gained from your amazing micro-dermabrasion skin resurfacing treatments and the cellulite program at your Spa. I actually had people notice the improvements in my appearance. The difference is truly remarkable! I will continue to refer people to your facility as you have technologies & products that really work." Catherine Hallock