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Proudly serving Victoria, British Columbia since 1996


Aging less and aging well is no longer the domain of the rich and famous.
With today’s many non-surgical healthy aging options, the average man and woman can make
an affordable investment in themselves so they may get older without getting old.


Over the past two decades, it has been our pleasure to assist clients of all ages to enhance their appearance and well-being using a unique array of evidence-based, high-tech, yet holistic, non-surgical treatment options for beauty and anti-aging improvements.  Improvements that can be both seen and felt.

At Age Less Laser Centres, we are happy to take the time to answer your questions over the phone (778-433-8300).  Getting the correct information about the procedure you’re contemplating will help in determining if you are a candidate for the treatment you have in mind.   We then schedule you for a complimentary in-depth consultation with a well-trained and experienced therapist who can assess your concerns and objectives to ensure you get the best advice and recommendations possible.

Whether you're wanting to:

  • Perfect your complexion by correcting skin imbalances
  • Reverse the hands of time by minimizing the effects of aging
  • Remove or fade a no-longer-loved tattoo
  • Reduce and / or eliminate excess facial or body hair
  • Remove unsightly nail fungus
  • Halt or reverse hair loss
  • Reduce unwanted stubborn body fat and cellulite
  • Reduce your stress

. . . we have tried and tested procedures and products that work.

We offer convenient, affordable in house payment plans as well as financing options  OAC. Since life is not a dress rehearsal, we would be happy to assist you to feel comfortable in the skin you have today.

Because . . . Every masterpiece deserves a little restoration.

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