Global Contributions

Social Responsibility

At Age Less Centres, here in Victoria BC, are very grateful for the continued faith & loyalty of our clients. By investing in your wellness & appearance at our facilities, you are also contributing to making the world a better place for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Thanks to the numerous referrals you send our way, we are able to reduce our advertising costs, thereby maintaining our everyday fair prices, allowing us to free up more funds to help worthy causes.

Thanks to you, we are able to share our good fortune on a monthly basis with the following, deserving organizations.

Part of every dollar you spend at our facilities goes towards alleviating childhood hunger, illiteracy, meeting basic survival needs & providing a ray of hope to 35 needy children world wide through World Vision.

Closer to home, we are also proud to sponsor the BC Children's Hospital, so that sick 'little ones' here in BC stand a fighting chance at surviving life's threatening diseases.

We strongly believe in justice & freedom for all humanity, & as such sponsor Amnesty International to provide a voice for those unjustly incarcerated worldwide.

We support our fragile ecological & environmental efforts in Canada, through ongoing donations to The Canadian Wildlife Association.

At the community level, in the past couple of years, we have donated over $15,000.00 towards various worthy causes such as:

  • ARC - Animal Rescue Centre in Metchosin, BC.
  • POP Stars through employees of the BC Government to raise funds for various local worthy causes.
  • Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce fund raiser for Visitor Information Centres.
  • Out Of The Box Productions fund raiser for the Land Conservancy.
  • Local High Schools and Church Groups fund raising to help build a school in Africa.
  • The Phoenix Theatre - To support our local talent.
  • Senior Lesbian Organization- To assist in Healthy Aging education.
  • PEERS - Prostitutes Empowerment Education & Resource Society - an organization that empowers women in prostitution to move forth with their lives.

We are also committed to contributing One Dollar ($1.00) from the purchase of every Ageless Rx Custom Blended Mineral Foundation, as well as all Ageless Rx Botanical Cosmetics you purchase, to Covenant House to assist our homeless youth here in British Columbia, Canada.

We are presently planning on offering our services to assisting breast cancer survivors, to remove their radiation tattoos at no charge. Once you win your fight against cancer you may not want to be continually reminded of your past ordeal, by seeing those black dots every day.

As always, we remain committed to providing you, our esteemed clients, with as many value added services and extras to add to your experience here at Age Less Centres and to remind you once again how much we care about you and your ongoing comfort.

Thank you once again for the pleasure of serving you, thereby allowing us to contribute to a better world for others less fortunate.

We feel truly privileged!

Sincerely Yours,

Age Less Laser Centres