Auction Sweeps Details

Enter our $25,000 Beauty Auction Sweepstakes

Contest Details

  • Contest is an Auction / Sweepstakes meaning that $25,000 worth of products and services will be given away during the day of the auction.
  • To enter the contest you must "LIKE" our Facebook page, ENTER the contest and follow the instructions given below, or online at
  • To bid on the skin care products / services on the day of the auction, you can use the Ageless Auction Dollars you've earned by sharing our contest with your friends (all the ways to do so are outlined below).
  • On Auction Day Wednesday, February 26, 2014 between 1pm to 7pm, you can participate in the auction EITHER by attending the auction in person at Age Less Laser Centres, #200-4500 West Saanich Rd, Victoria, BC
  • OR by following it and bidding online through our live broadcast (details to be posted at a later date).
  • Although no money is required to participate in the Age Less Beauty Auction Sweepstakes, participants can use real money to bid against others in the auction or to add to their own bid.
  • Each point is worth 1 (one) Ageless Auction $ (AA$). Participants must accumulate sufficient points to bid on the value of an item. Sufficient points can be made up with real dollars. Therefore, even if you do not have sufficient Ageless Auction $ you may still bid by paying the difference with a VISA or MasterCard. Prize packages are outlined below.






Each point that you receive in the contest is equal to one Ageless Auction $  (AA$).  These dollars can be used to bid on $25,000 worth of real products and services from Age Less Laser Centres on the day of the auction in February 2014.

The Packages are:

Wrinkle Reduction & Skin Tightening valued at $10,000

Rosacea Treatments valued at $4,000

Pigmentation Procedures valued at $4,000

Laser Acne Sessions valued at $3,000

75 Items up for grabs valued at $55 each

Each of the above 4 packages will include 2 months supply of CosMEDermal Bioactive Custom Blended Skin Care.
Good News!  If you're seeing this message, it means that you've already liked our Age Less Laser Centres' Facebook Page and now you must enter the auction sweepstakes.  These 2 actions alone give you 40 Ageless Auction $.  


Earn Extra Points METHOD #1

Share our Auction on your Facebook Wall - max 3/day
Value:  50 
AA$ / share


Earn Extra Points METHOD #2

Tag Age Less Laser Centre's Facebook Page in a Photo or a Post - max 4/day
Value: 25 AA$ / tag

How to Tag:
 Start writing a post in Facebook as you normally do.  When you want to mention the contest and page, start with the at symbol (@) and then start typing the page name: Age Less Laser Centres and the page should self-populate to allow you to choose it from the list of drop-downs, then share this post with your friends - max 4/day


Earn Extra Points METHOD #3

Grabbing Your Unique Referral Link and Sharing on Social Media Sites
Value: 5 AA$ per UNIQUE click on your link

100 AA$ each person who joins our contest through your link
Here's how you earn a LOT of AA$ and have the best chance of bidding and winning the prize that you want.  Not many people will use this strategy so if you're one of the few who does, you'll have a HUGE advantage over the other people who won't bother.

Either in Method #1 or when you first entered, you shared the contest on your Facebook Wall.  Go over to that post and you'll be able to get your unique referral link that you can use to share the contest anywhere online you want - and get big AA$ for doing it.

Once you right-click and then copy and paste the link into somewhere safe, you'll be able to share that link on Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn - wherever you hang out online.  You'll get 5 AA$ for each UNIQUE person who clicks on your link and another 100 AA$ for anyone who joins our contest from your link. Your link will look something like this:

NOTE:  Do NOT Copy and Paste the link above.  You must get your own unique link from right-clicking on the post you shared on your wall.



1.  Absolutely no spamming, use of bots or any other unethical means of getting clicks and points.

2.  All entrants will be contacted by email and asked to fill out a standard health & skin questionnaire which will be used to determine if there are any possible contra-indications or possible side effects from the prize procedures.

3.  Only contestants who have completed and sent back the questionnaire in #2 will be eligible to win any prizes.

4.  Must be 19 years or older to participate and a resident of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

5.  Entrants will be able to bid on $25,000 worth of prizes / services from Age Less Laser Centres during the day of the auction (which will be held on February, 26th 2014) with the Ageless Auction $ (AA$) they've earned throughout the duration of the contest.

6.  Ageless Auction $ have no real value other than on the day of the auction where they will be used like cash insomuch as you'll be able to bid on real products / services.

7.  Any Age Less Auction $ (AA$) not used in the auction will lose all value at the close of the auction on the day of the auction and will not be able to be redeemed for any product or service thereafter.

8.  Age Less Laser Centres reserves the right to disqualify any contestant whom they believe to be gaming the system or fraudulently gaining AA$

9.  Age Less Laser Centres reserves the right, if unforeseen circumstances should arise, to cancel the auction sweepstakes at any time leading up to auction day.  Should this occur, every and all Ageless Auction Dollars will immediately become null, void and worthless.

10.  Be nice, play and share fair, have fun and Good Luck!